We went away for a week – it was great just to get away, and see something new. I must admit this week went a long way to endearing Western Australia to me… and probably me to her.

343/366 – Big Girl Play Time

My sister does pole dancing for exercise, but while in Australia she obviously hasn’t – until we came to this park and she started doing some moves. The kids loved it and thought she was ‘showing us some tricks’.

344/366 – Luxury Kisses

My parents came to visit us for the day in Mandurah, and we spent most of it in one of the various pools, jacuzzis and sauna (check out this infrared sauna package if you’re interested). Here my dad and sister are sharing kisses with Ameli in the jacuzzi.

345/366 – Christmas Lights

We went on the Mandurah Cruises Christmas Lights Cruise – it takes you up and down canals lined with million dollar homes decorated for Christmas. It was really beautiful and something I’d highly recommend if you’re in the area and like Christmas lights – apparently it runs till early January, and last year their charity well raised over $10,000.00 for local charities. It really was spectacular. As you can see, Ameli loved it.

346/366 – Swimming. Swimming,  Swimming. Swimming

It’s hot and we have been laying low and taking it easy. We all needed a break from everything going on in our temporary lives in Perth. 

347/366 – Tourist Day

A bit of a break from doing nothing, we went on a driving tour today. We stopped in Pinjarra and had a walk around the historic centre, and across the hanging bridge (last picture), had a look at Lake Clifton, we also happened across something I didn’t think we’d have a chance to see, but ‘accidentally’ did: Thrombolites – living rocks. It was pretty amazing! The girls and my sister were asleep in the car, so my gran and I took a walk out on the bridge. It was lovely.

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