Day 169 – A Debate Night

I had about as much as counts for a night out these days: I went to a breastfeeding  debate. I’ve written all about it, so wont repeat myself now, but it was the first time I wore heels in a very long time!

Day 170 – Bubbles

We’ve always loved bubbles around these parts, and they were Ameli’s first recorded word. Aviya also says ‘bubble’ and it’s so cute.

Day 173 – Britmums Live

With the madness that have been the last few weeks I’ve not even had a chance yet to write up a post about my experience at Britmums Live. It’s on my to do list though.

One of the highlights were a sit down dinner in an actual restaurant, without having to gulp down my food. That was awesome.

What was more awesome was getting back to the hotel room and finding mints on the pillow, with a good night note. So sweet. I loved the Montcalm Hotel.

And a rare photo of me. There was a random mirror in the bathroom, for shaving, I guess. It reflected in my eyes and freaked me out the first time I spotted it, but it was pretty cool.

Day 174 – Perks of Blogging

One of the perks of blogging is that I often get to do things I wouldn’t otherwise get to do. In this case, it was meeting Harry Potter’s Owl, Hedwig. What an amazing bird.

Day 175 – Home With My Girls

It was tough, spending a day, night and full day away from my girls. It was the first time ever, and Aviya specifically didn’t handle the night too well. It’s good to be home with them.

Day 177 – Playful

I’ve been making a huge effort to spend more time at home, recently, with the children. I sometimes feel that we’re so busy doing stuff that we have no peace, and no rhythm. It’s been nice, and it’s been lovely letting them have the opportunity to just be and to play and to play together.

Day 178 –  Moon Dough

Another home day, and I made some moon dough because we’d hoped to see the super moon last night, but the perpetual UK cloud cover put an end to that! Anyway, the moon dough was good fun!

Day 179 – Boobs and Teeth

A great day today, as we went to Farnham park to meet with a group of mothers for a breastfeeding picnic in honour of UK breastfeeding awareness week. It was a lovely afternoon. You can read more about the Farnham breastfeeding picnic here.

Later in the day we went for Ameli’s first dentist appointment. She’s been complaining about a sore tooth, so it was time. She was a super star. I’d been speaking to her about it before the time, and preparing her for it, but the dentist was brilliant.  He put her in the ‘magic chair’ which goes back with the right words, and she used other magic words to turn the light on, and he drilled in her hand a little to show her how tickelish it is. He was wonderful and she was a superstar.

Day 181 – Bug Party

We went to a friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party, a bug party. It was great fun!

Day 183 – Totschool

We’re jumping in with the Summer School at Home project again this year, and week one kicked off with Reptiles. It was a great week with a lot of crafting!

Day 184 – Milestones Museum

I really miss the fieldtrips Ameli and I used to do once a week, so I’m re-instituting them. We had our first trip to Milestones museum, a ‘life in Basingstoke’ museum, which is all indoors, under cover and pretty awesome. We went with some friends too, so it was a nice day out.

Thanks for joining us for our week(s) in pictures!

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