You know me. I’m all about real food. I love organic cooking. I love having my kids in the kitchen with me, and I love my Thermomix so much, I started a whole new food blog.

But there are days when nothing but a take-away will do. Take Sunday. We arrived home from Nozstock Festival at 3am. We were tired. We were muddy. I washed my feet and fell into bed. Sunday was pretty much a write-off. My hubby managed to get the car unpacked, unceremoniously dumping everything on the living room floor, where we’re steadily going through it all and washing it a load at a time. It was fun, and cleaning up is what it is, but cooking was not high on my list of priorities for the day.

Neither, to be fair, was going out shopping for groceries.

Which is where a service like Just Eat comes in really, really handy.

JUST EAT is an online takeaway service, that allows you to order food from your favourite restaurant and have it delivered to your home.

To use JUST EAT, you enter your postcode on the website, view the various restaurants, and then order as your heart – or your stomach – desires.  It’s pretty nifty, actually – as I’m writing this I quickly popped on to the website, but found there are no take-away’s in my area open right now (It’s midnight!) but if I want to, I can place an order now for tomorrow and my order will be placed when they open, and delivered to my house at the prepared time.

I love Thai cuisine, so long as they don’t kill the beautiful flavours in chilli! It’s a good thing for me that there are no Thai Restaurants close to us, but fortunately our local Chinese has a fair selection.

It’s a luxury, a treat, and a very rare occurrence, but if I don’t have the energy to cook from scratch, I’m probably not in the mood for heading out, finding parking, pay and display parking meters (my pet hate!), placing an order, waiting around, driving home with the smell of food torturing me, getting home, and then eating.

I reckon if I’m going to be lazy I may as well go all the way.

P.S. They are running a couple of weekly competitions on Twitter. Every week JUST EAT judge the best tweet sent to them by a follower. In #TakeAwayTuesday the best tweet of the day wins.  The prize for both competitions is a £25 voucher. Humourous tweets with photos attached seem to have a higher chance of winning, so get your funny photography thinking cap on.

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