It’s always a good day when we get a delivery of food – snack food especially. The kids love the unscheduled treats too. A few weeks ago – a good few weeks ago! – we received this delicious box of Bear Paws in the mail.

bear boxes

As you can imagine the kids were desperate to try at least one of each – we received a box each of Mango & Strawberry (Safari Paws), Raspberry & Blueberry (Arctic Paws), Apple & Blackcurrant (Jungle Paws) and Strawberry and Apple (Dino Paws), each with it’s own set of animals and fruity shapes in the ‘paw prints’ of animals from that set.

paws sets

Inside each box there are 5 bags – a portion per bag, if you can ration the kids! – that contains the pure fruit shapes. These contain no added sugars, and no preservatives. Bear paws use whole fruits and no concentrates and are vegan and gluten free. As an example of the ingredients, according to the box, every 100g apple & blackcurrant paws contains 410g apples, 190g pears and 50g blackcurrants.

paws2Inside the box you also receive 3 alphabet cards – I love these. See, they sent me enough cards to make my name!


But these are the ones you get in the boxes too – aren’t they cute? We’re trying to collect them all. They’re good for decorating a learning space, or a room, but also for playing Snap if you have enough!

paws cards

Bear Paws are a fabulous snack to have on hand for lunch boxes or just when you’re out and about. If you keep one in your handbag, it’s a quick option for suddenly ravenous kids and better than an easy bag of crisps!


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