Remember the awesome Mindful Nurturing resources we shared with you a couple of months ago? I’m still reading the incredible resources from it, and here they are with the next bundle: Mindful Learning. I’m really excited about this bundle as we have started on the journey to home education, or home schooling, or whatever you call it.

Here’s some info on the six books in this resource:

The Mindful Learning eBundle is a six resource pack on learning and learning philosophies. An ideal start for the (un)school year for homeschoolers and people who want to offer learning support to their preschooler or young child.

Get these awesome learning resources for only $12.50/£8.02/AU$13.84 (based on today’s exchange rates), with a total value of$50.90/£32.67/AU$56.34. That’s 75% off!

This bundle will be available for only 4 days from August 25 to August 28.

Montessori At Home!

John Bowman,Montessori at home, value $10.95

The Third Edition of the Montessori At Home! eBook is the most complete resource available for parents who want to do Montessori activities at home with their 3-6 year old children. This full size, 512-page, $10.95 PDF eBook looks great on all computers, and is optimized for viewing on the iPad. Hundreds of full color photos and links to blogs and videos expand on the information in the eBook, providing a unique resource for parents. Instead of spending months of time during your child’s most formative years researching what to do, you can start doing activities in 1-2 days and have a complete plan at your fingertips for moving on. Over 4000 parents all over the world are using Montessori At Home!

The first chapters contain exactly the information parents need to know to get started quickly and with a firm understanding of Montessori. They include information on Maria Montessori and her observations of children, the neuroscience of early childhood, implementing Montessori principles in parenting, and using learning materials at home. Clear descriptions for over 300 activities and hands-on materials follow in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Art & Music, Digital Life, Science, Language, and Mathematics. Complete sequences for teaching your to child to read and master Montessori math are included. Recommendations are also given for over 225 of the best tablet apps for preschoolers, along with guidelines for safely introducing digital learning to children. 76 pages of free printables are included, as well as the eBook, Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori, to give you a window into what other Montessori Moms are doing at home. There is no other resource for parents like Montessori At Home!

Andrea at What DID We Do All Day? Comments:

“I wish that I had access to John Bowman’s Montessori At Home! during that time. It has everything I loved about those early books (Pitamic, Seldin), PLUS the information I needed to keep going (Gettman) all rolled into one. For many parents, this will be the only resource you need to create a wonderful preschool experience for your child at home.”

Stephanie at Discovery Moments relates her own experiences:“I muddled through, asking a million questions of Montessori teachers and bloggers along the way. I learned so much and really started to feel like I got it. It took a good year of research to learn the basics. Then one day I got an email from John Bowman asking me to review his book Montessori at Home! I read it cover to cover and realized that this was what I had been looking for a year before as I was trying to get things together to teach my daughters. It illustrated the materials that you need to have and those you can make on your own. It has a quick start guide so you can start right away; and it gave a really good idea of how to set everything up in your own home. There were so many pictures (I need to see)!  If I had this book first it would have made things simpler (and less expensive). So now it is the first book I recommend to people looking to start doing Montessori at home.”

You can Read!

by Carisa, over 300 pages, value $10

You Can Read is a simple sight word program I developed with younger readers in mind. Children learn to read at different ages and some show the reading readiness signs at much younger ages than others. These children are ready to learn words and reading skills, they just aren’t ready for complex worksheets and activities often available to children who are a bit older when they are learning. I (Carisa) created this program for children who are showing reading readiness signs at a younger age, approximately ages 3-5. Older children can use these printables and activities also, they were just created with a younger reader in mind!

The printables are based on the Dolch Pre Primer & Primer Sight Word lists, as well as a few I added in, for a total of 72 words. To see the entire word list, and list of activities included in each set, see the You Can Read Information Page

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities

by Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots,value $9

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities is your go to solution for wriggly jiggly children who want to craft and play with alphabet activities that focus on the process along with audio from educators about alphabet learning to set things going in the right direction.

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Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader

by Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup, value $9.97

What if you could get your reluctant reader to love books?

Kids don’t like to read for four reasons:

– too tricky – too blurry – too boring – too sitty

Discover why your child doesn’t like to read . . . and what to do about it!

Then turn it into Book Love!

In Book Love, you’ll find lots of unique, fun, and exciting ideas for your child based on why he or she doesn’t like reading. What else will you find in Book Love? – book lists by interests (with links) – alphabet and phonics activities and crafts – sight word games – favorite reading products – rhyming word play games – printables – and more!

Do you want your child to love reading?

Then you need this book.

Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning

by Sara McGrath, 120 pages, value $4.99

A Practical Handbook on Learning Without School: People who feel drawn to the philosophical principles of unschooling often ask ‘How do you unschool?’ While acknowledging that each family approaches the unschooling lifestyle from a unique standpoint, I offer the details of my family’s experiences, along with specific advice for meeting legal requirements without sacrificing your ideals.

More info here

What Will We Learn Today? Easy Homeschooling Activities

Lauren Wayne, Hobo Mama, value $5.99

Are you a homeschooling parent, or do you want to be? Maybe you wonder how learning can fit into everyday life. Or maybe you’re sure it can, but some days you and your child simply run out of ideas of what to do that’s not the same old-same old.

That’s where this book comes in. It’s an ideabook of more than 550 fun and creative ideas that teach and reinforce learning under eight key curricular subjects. Whether you’re homeschooling, unschooling, or regular schooling, your preschool and school-age kids will enjoy these quick and fun activities that engage their minds and creativity.

The ideas are time- and child-tested activities that our kids enjoy. For them, there’s no division between “learning” and “life” — it’s all of one piece. These idea-joggers use very little in the way of special materials or money but give a lot in terms of natural learning and family connection.



So to sum up:

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