Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is what our mothers always say, isn’t it? And as (mostly) mothers (around here) I know that most of us make sure our kids have a meal to start the day, because we know that it benefits them. When their tummies are full, their concentration is better, their behaviour is better and they are more open and receptive to learning.

Regular readers will know that I believe that we need to care about other people’s children, because they are the future friends, colleagues, partners and soul mates of our own children. The child – that will grow up to be my child’s GP, my child’s paramedic in an emergency, that will come up with a cure for a sickness that touches my child – that child is already sharing the world with my child and we should be interested in making sure they too get the best we can offer them.

While it won’t come as a surprise to many parents there’s been recent research on the topic of breakfast and how eating or not eating it affects learning – whether that’s in school or at home  – and sadly, they’ve found that 1 in 7 children go to school hungry, and lose up to an hour a day on lack of concentration, low blood sugar and the restlessness that disrupts classrooms.

None of us can change the world for everyone else, but each of us can make a small change to make a small difference which is a big difference to the child that gets to have breakfast as a result.

If you are a cereal eating family, take advantage of Kellogg’s Breakfast For Better Days campaign, and Kellogg’s will give a bowl of cereal to a needy child for every box bought. (They will be giving grants and donations to food banks, breakfast clubs and schools across England and Wales).

Watch this video for more information

This post has been sponsored by Kellogg’s, but all thoughts are my own

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Sponsored Video: Kellogg’s New Breakfast For Better Days Campaign

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