Okay, so I know you’re probably wondering what Reebok has to do with conscious parenting, natural living, and raising Ameli (my daughter) and to be honest, the answer is “not much”. In fact, there’s no relation whatsoever. Truth be told, the whole thing came about thanks to a competition run by my friend Vic at Glowstars.net a couple of months ago. Needing a new pair of trainers, I entered, and amazingly I won. Not only did I win a great pair of trainers, but I was also invited to Reebok’s launch event for the Easytone and given a whole bunch of freebies in an awesome goody bag. (Thanks Vic!)

As it happens, however, I can tie Reebok in with mummyhood. You see, since becoming a mummy I no longer attend yoga or any other exercise classes as I simply can’t afford the double cost of both the classes themselves and the childcare while I’m there. There are some activities I can do with Ameli, but it’s hard signing up for regular classes when you don’t know what your sleep routine is going to be like, when you or your baby are going to be unwell, or what else life is going to throw at you on any given day.

Sadly, though, the baby weight doesn’t care, it doesn’t accept excuses and in my case, it’s staging a sit-in, refusing to budge.

One thing I do get to do a lot of, however, is walking, and this is where the Reebok EasyTone trainers come in. EasyTone trainers use balance pods to work the leg and bum muscles harder than normal shoes – up to 28 per cent harder, so say Reebok. The pods create natural instability when walking so that every step encourages toning. This video might explain it a little better:

[youtube NMpTL0kAAo4 nolink]

In my own very non-scientific test routine, I wore them for a few hours one day and can confirm that the next day I felt quite stiff! I’ve now been wearing them for a good few weeks, and have grown to like them – they are really comfortable and feel quite supportive of my ankles’ high arches.

I can’t say that I look quite like a supermodel yet, but to be fair that’s not entirely Reebok’s fault, and I suspect might have more than a little to do with my breastfeeding-driven appetite, and a sweet tooth to match. Having said that though, I tried my pre-pregnancy work suits on this morning, to see whether they’re worth keeping or not, and they actually fit better now than they did before! A testament to Reebok EasyTone trainers? Maybe.

Either way, Ameli and I had our fifteen minutes (or seconds) of fame. Check out this video:

[youtube QWCePxetSGg nolink]

Not a yummy mummy yet, but watch this space!


In Search of the Inner Yummy Mummy

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