If your small people love playing animated games on your phone or tablets then my small person would recommend Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends. With the help of this 3D pet-sim your device becomes a virtual lagoon where you see dolphins and orcas swimming and playing.

The game is created using high resolution 3D graphics which makes the dolphin look like the real ones and look gorgeous when they swim, enjoy and play in the lagoon. Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is a good entertainment option not only for kids but for adults as well.

The game comes with array of features that make it entertaining and engaging to play. For example:

At various stages of the game, the dolphins wait for your command and attention so as to perform tricks.
As a player of the game you can also train your favorite creature to perform various tricks and even present a dolphin show as you advance in the game. If your children have ever seen a live dolphin show, they’ll see many similarities in the game, which is quite fun.

For the ones who wish to take care and shower their dolphins with love, you can treat your dolphins with food, allow them to jump and enjoy in the paradise lagoon and also do some pampering by rubbing their bellies.

You can also opt for the mini games where you can help to maintain the lagoon and clean them from jellyfish. For your help and efforts you earn pearls and the shells from which you can buy various props, dolphins, decorations and habitats.

When the fun and games are done,  you can also share the pictures of your dolphins with your friends through emails and social networking sites.

The experience at Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is definitely  one-of-a-kind and it has engrossed and enchanted my five year old. The game is easy to download on iOS as well as Android platform and is free. There are some items in the game that are available for purchase as well, so if you want those restricted from those not paying the bill, remember to use your parent controls.

So if you think your little one, or you, will be amazed to see dolphins performing above water as well as under, grab the free app for IOS here and Android here.

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Dolphin Paradise App Game Review

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