This crossed my inbox from earlier this week and I thought it’s an excellent idea to share, so I hope it works for you!

I have printed countless ‘spring cleaning’ or decluttering projects in my time, and I rarely get past day four or five, largely because my life doesn’t really fit to other people’s schedules, and much like a diet, if I ‘fail’ at day 5, I just give up!

I liked this ‘Dirty 30’ idea as it doesn’t tell you what to do on what day, or give you a specific order, but you can simply see which one fits in with your day, and hop right to it.

If you’re about to start spring cleaning, don’t run out and buy new cleaning equipment, but rather make your own. Here are 5 recipes for chemical free cleaning and an even simpler 3-ingredient cleaning option. Alternitvely, this 300+ page Homemade Cleaners: Quick-and-Easy, Toxin-Free Recipes to Replace Your Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Disinfectant, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Bug Killer, Air Freshener, and more Kindle book from Dionna Ford and Mandy O’Brian will answer your every cleaning question.

Happy spring cleaning!


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Spring Cleaning: 30 Jobs 30 Mins 30 Days

  1. I really like this and am looking forward to trying it (or at least getting most of it done 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. This list is impressive! There are many places that I usually forget of underestimate when doing a spring cleaning so I think that this is a great list to follow! And only 30 mins cleaning per day! This is great! 🙂

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