Home Ed parents know how expensive educating your children at home can be, and while most resources at school are included in your school fees, for home educators we have to have a do-it-yourself approach. Of course this is a choice we make, but usually home educating families are also single income families, so money can be a little tight sometimes most of the time.

VoucherBinHome Ed parents can be really good bargain hunters – because often we have to be! And here’s a tip for businesses: home educators share and talk. We have tons of Facebook groups where word of mouth spreads like you won’t believe!

One of the sites I’ve recently discovered is www.voucherbin.co.uk who are one of the few sites of this nature who actually have a dedicated education & training as actual categories!

Some of the offers you’ll find there right now (and remember these will change as they expire and new offers are added) in the VoucherBin educational offers include Reading Eggs and Mathseeds – both very popular with home edders – and also a free trial code.

Another company that offers regular codes is The Maths Factor, with (current offers including) £20 off annual subscriptions, £10 off quarterly subscriptions and free sample sessions too.

You can snap up 50% off NVQ fees for yourself, if there’s something you’d like to learn about, or use a code for a 30 day trial course for only £1 at EF Englishtown.

What I love about this is that it gives us the opportunity to try out different things, depending on the children’s needs (or our own needs) without having to pay the full prices. At least that way we can weed out what isn’t going to work for us, and what is, which home ed or not, is useful, always.


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Educational Discounts on VoucherBin

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