We’re just home from a week on the Jurassic Coast line of Devon – I haven’t even unpacked all our bags yet – and here I am browsing the internet for our next holiday. I don’t know about you, but knowing there’s a trip to somewhere new in my future pretty much changes my outlook on everything. Hanging up laundry seems less tedious, hoovering the floors is exercise for that *cough* bikini body *cough*, whatever it is, knowing there’s a trip on the horizon just makes everything brighter.


This year we’ve swum in the Indian Ocean, and the North Atlantic Ocean and since the Southern Hemisphere is a bit far for a second visit in one year, I’m turning my attention to a beloved holiday hot spot for UK holiday makers: Tenerife.

Now, I’ve never been to that part of Spain, which is all the more reason to go – especially since it has such a distinctive ‘top half’ and ‘bottom half’ split, where we can disappear into natural beauty, and still never be far from activity, fun and entertainment.

On our recent week away we only went onto the beach once because it was a pebble beach, which is just something I can’t get used to, and don’t particularly love, so I think the sandy beaches of Tenerife look rather perfect too.

Of course where you are and where you’re staying are only part of what make a perfect holiday perfect, so I’m quite drawn to the range of things to do in Tenerife too – from an aquarium to waterparks and shows, there’s something for everyone, really!

I’ve been spoiled this year with two beach holidays already, so I guess it’s a bit cheeky to be dreaming of a third, but like I said – the thought of spreading my wings and needing a passport colours the normal days.

So tell me, where will you be jetting off to this summer?


Next Stop: Tenerife?

  1. I’m in the process of finally getting a UK passport (was recently naturalised) so it’s made me extra excited about going traveling. Spain may well be on the cards soon!

    1. Urg I was just filling out the forms earlier! I can’t wait for the spending to be over in this process! Enjoy the travels 🙂 P.S We went to Bluestone last year and it was great!

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