I don’t want to tell you about the weekend we just had. I don’t want to share the awesomeness that was our Feast in the Woods experience. I really don’t want to tell you how my children connected with nature, how strangers became friends and how we spent the weekend resting in the beauty of the outdoors. I don’t want to tell you anything about it at all – at least not till I’ve bought my tickets for next year.

A few months ago I was searching for events to populate my UK Festivals Pinterest board when I came across a festival called Feast in the Woods.

Well – I love feasting and I love woods. I had to check it out. I swapped a few emails with the organiser, Rebecca Cork of Honeywoods Camping and the rest, as they say, is history.

We arrived on the campsite on Saturday afternoon, just as the rain stopped. I was feeling apprehensive and not really in the mood for cold, wet, and mud. But we went on, as the sun peaked out, and set up our tent. I didn’t know anyone and I was worried we’d spend the weekend standing outside looking in on other people’s friendships, conversations and fun. Festival Kids

The rest of this review has moved. You can see it here

Honeywoods Feast in the Woods


Feast in the Woods Festival Ashford, Kent

  1. Awesome weekend,fantastic food and drink, meeting incredible people and the whole family having fun together. What’s not to like? Roll on Flummoxed and Feast 2015.

  2. Wonderful! Such a great review – sums up the spirit of the event perfectly. I particularly love that line at the end “It was like a weekend of camping with friends we were just waiting to meet.” Exactly how I feel about it. So glad you guys had an amazing time and look forward to seeing you all again next year. x

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