Father’s Day is just over a week away now, and I keep seeing messages on forums popping up with ‘what are you getting for Father’s Day’ style questions, so I thought I’d share what we’re doing, on a very tight budget.

My girls saw Frozen Fever for the first time a few weeks ago, and they were taken by the idea of a string tied around Arendell with all Anna’s presents attached. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this video and spot the red string where you can:

[youtube 4x67NuQtpfI]

So that’s what we have to do for daddy this Father’s day. Which is just great when you’re on a budget. So here are some of the free and almost free Father’s Day gifts I’ve managed to pick up so the girls can give daddy a fun-filled Father’s day:

1. Free Printable Father’s Day Booklet from TinyMe

Father's Day This landed in my inbox the other day and I thought it was a really sweet idea. Print out the booklet and get daddy’s small people to answer the questions and complete the sentences. These are things like “The best thing about my daddy is…” and “Daddy is not even afraid of” and “My Daddy’s super power is…” and so on. I think it will make a lovely keepsake for years to come.

If you don’t want to print your own, PrezzyBox do a really beautiful “The Story of Me And My Dad/Grandad” version too for under £10.

2. Free photo book for Father’s Day from Snapfish (just pay £1.99 delivered)

Father's Day I’ve just ordered one of these (and two photo panels from an offer they had last week!) and you pay £1.99 for delivery, but the price of the book is taken off at the checkout. The way this works though is that you must bank the code meaning click on this link, ‘bank’ the code before midnight on 12 June, and then place your order before 30 June. Obviously if you want to get it before Father’s day, you’ll need to order it asap. Also, don’t worry about the dates on the page – they seem to be wrong.

3. Free photo canvas for Father’s Day (just pay £7.99 delivery)

Father's Day If you want more pictures, head over to Picanova where you can cancel out the £24.99 cost with the code GIVEAWAY and just pay the £7.99 delivery. I reviewed Picanova a while back and while the canvas was lovely, I did complain about the delivery price – at least it doesn’t sting so much when you’re not paying for the canvas! This discount is valid on the 30cm x 20cm canvas, and you can take up to 50% off other sizes with the same code.

 4. Free beer & wine labels for Father’s Day from Wrappz (just pay £2.50 for delivery) Or a Free Glen Livet Label completely free.

Father's Day Don’t do what I did here – I read it as beer OR wine, rather than beer AND wine, so I received two personalised beer labels and two generic ‘insert name here’ wine labels. What a waste. They’ll post it to you, and you just need to buy two bottles of beer and two bottles of wine to stick it on. Oh, and you’ll need the code FATHER to get the £12.99 off. Or if you want something completely free, you can order a personalised label from Glen Livet – write your message, and submit and they’ll post you a label for free. Just by your bottle before next week.

5. Free Samples as Father’s Day Gifts

This may be a bit hit and miss, but if you’re looking for lots of small gifts, or those ‘it’s the thought that counts’ kind of gifts, sign up for these free samples for men – you could make Father’s Day Gift crackers, or a treasure hunt or just get the kids to give dad one every time they see him on the day. (I haven’t done all of these free samples, but I assume they’ll ask you for your email address: do yourself a favour and set up a junk mail address if you don’t have one yet!)

In addition to that the girls made some salt dough letters – D, A, D, D, and Y – which they will decorate and make into a plaque or something – maybe a bookend if I can get my act together! And if we’re in for a sunny day, I might just add some of Daddy’s favourite picnic foods to the treasure-hunt-by-string to collect up into a picnic for our lunch, (although don’t forget there are loads of pubs and restaurant’s doing Dad Eats Free promotions for Father’s Day too – just Google Dad Eats Free Father’s Day 2015 and your town to see what’s available where you are!)

So, with a bit of printing, and some quick photo sorting, and a last minute dash for wine and beer, you can have dad feeling like all his Christmases have come at once for not a whole lot of money!

Not free, but affordable and different Father’s Day gifts:

Hope this helps you out! Please feel free to share this post with your friends if it does!


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Free And Almost Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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