Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the Hands On As You Grow ebook series filled with activities for you to do with your small people?

Well, HOAWG has a 48-hour FLASH SALE that’s just gone live and will go till roughly midnight on Tuesday (roughly, because it’s past midnight as I write this and I don’t feel like figuring out time zones!)

LEARN MORE is a free bonus of 3 additional weekly activity plans filled with 21 hands on learning activities planned out especially for your preschooler. LEARN MORE is only available when you purchase one of the other Weekly Activity Plan eBooks during this Back to School special. (It will not be available after this short 48-hour special!) Valued at $7.Capture

So basically, if you buy one of the existing eBooks, you’ll receive this added three weeks for free, giving you 8 weeks of activities for you and your little ones.

One of the things that drew me to this programme was the talk about accountability. I know that being accountable makes it easier to stick to it, and there’s only benefits to be had both for my small person, our relationship, and with it our daily interactions and by association my feelings towards my parenting.

The weekly activity plans come in:

You can also see a PREVIEW OF THE EBOOKS here.



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Three Extra Weeks Of Activities For Preschoolers – Flash Sale

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