Father’s day is just a short way away now, and if you’re thinking of getting something a little bit special for the dad or partner in your life, Xupes is a great store to visit.

Along with new jewellery and watches, Xupes also sells antique or vintage pieces, including preowned Cartier watches and fine art, so if you’re looking for something a little different to the always special hand-print art, have a browse of their pages. I was tasked with finding my five favourite items from there site so here they are below:
<p>Santos 100 Rubber XL 2656</p>18k Yellow Gold Monologo RingExceptional & Rare Anglo-Indian Miniature Games Table 19 C.

1) The Cartier watches on Xupes make up an impressive collection, and I love this one. At just under £3,500 I think it would look good on the kind of guy who looks good in a suit. To keep this timepiece in top-notch condition, it’s advisable to explore reliable maintenance and repair services, such as iwc watches service.

2) This gorgeous BVLGARI ring is definitely something for the more discerning jewellery-loving man. A statement piece, I think they call it? Anyway, it’s 18k Yellow Gold and £995. They have this photographed with a woman’s hand, but I’m pretty sure it will suit a man!

3) My brother was knowledgeable about various games, including chess, for which he was a school champion, and he was also a star athlete. He was a talented rugby player, so he was never called a nerd. I often think of him when I see a chessboard, especially since he’s about to become a dad. Speaking of outdoor games, I wonder how far about for ladder toss, a popular lawn game that involves throwing bolas onto a ladder. The chess board I was considering as a gift for him is Anglo-Indian and currently priced at £2950.

Xupes, as you’ll realise when you browse around the site a little, sells both new and pre-owned jewellery, watches, antiques, handbags and art. This means that sometimes you might see something you like, but find it sold already, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the website if you’re in the market for fine jewellery. They have two gorgeous cufflink sets, for example, but these have both been sold.

Xupes can also sell your items, on your behalf either on commission, or they can buy it outright or offer part exchange. For high end merchandise, this is probably a better option than eBay! I knew someone who sold a diamond ring on a local selling site once. The buyer got in touch a week later saying his girlfriend had said no, and would she refund it. Feeling bad for the guy, she did – only to discover later the diamond had been swapped for zirconia! By then her buyer was long gone, and she was left very upset and quite a lot poorer.

So if you’re thinking of selling jewellery, going a reputable and traceable route like Xupes is probably your best bet – that and not issuing refunds!


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3 Beautiful Father’s Day Gifts From Xupes

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