We’ve been super busy the last few weeks with lots of activities and things keeping us on the go, so we haven’t had much time for anything educational or even all that much crafty. The last book we read together was a short little one, Peter Rabbit, which I’ve been surprised to realise contained a richness of literary concepts in a short amount of sentences and pages.  One of the activities we did around Peter Rabbit, using our #BostikBlogger theme for the month: Nature, was to create a diorama scene from the Peter Rabbit story.

The kids chose a generic “Peter Rabbit frolicking through the fields” image for the diorama, so we set about using the contents of the Bostik box to make our Peter Rabbit Scene.

We made flowers using pipe cleaners and little flower confetti bits.

We also made bees by twisting yellow and black pipe cleaners and squishing them into ovals.

Peter Rabbit lives under a tree so of course we had to make a tree from foam and shredded paper – it’s a weeping willow, I believe.

Finally, a Peter Rabbit scene requires some rabbits, so we found a couple of pictures online, printed them and used them as cutouts.

The whole scene is held together by Blu-Tack – white, in this case – so that the bunnies are movable and most of the scenery is too – but we just call the white bits pebbles!

So the finished product is this:

Peter Rabbit Diorama

We added our own little quote, too:

Peter was a very naughty Rabbit,

but he did have great adventures!

I’m not sure that’s a perfect life lesson for the kids, but at least they had fun making it! 😉

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