The theme for this month’s #BostikBloggers is Back to School, which is obviously a bit problematic for us, so we decided to do a Not Back To School craft instead. For this month’s #BostikBloggers we’ve made a Tote Bag with a playful ‘Not Back To School’ checklist, decorated two notebooks and made a pencil holder to sit on our desk. We’ve also made an on-the-go pencil case for when we’re out and about, but I’ll pop that in a different post.

I’m actually really pleased with how this month’s craft worked out, not least because it’s something we’ll actually be able to use over the next few weeks. Not back to school

To make the Not Back To School Tote Bag, you will need:

The tote included with our BostikBloggers kit was a 100% cotton carry bag, which I thought would make a nice gift bag as well as a nice out and about bag. We made a list of all the things we love about specifically September, when our holiday-destination town quietens down again, the roads become unclogged again, the beaches and attractions are empty but still open and enjoyable, and, some years, the late summer that overlaps autumn.

We made a list (you can use it if you like, it’s here) which I then printed onto T-shirt Transfer Paper – remember to horizontally flip the image before you print it it needs to be mirrored so that it shows up on the tote the right way round. Then, once printed, lay the paper straight and centered onto the tote, and dry-iron until the paper can be peeled off, leaving your list decorating the tote.

Not Back To School Tote

To make the pencil box you will need:

  • a craft tube (although you can use a toilet roll tube)
  • paper to cover
  • Bostik White Glu

Measure the paper out, and cut to size. Apply glue to the paper, then allign the tube and roll. Spend a few minutes holding the paper to the tube, allowing it to stick firmly.

Not back to school pencil holder

For the notebooks you will need:

Use the tiles at your disposal to make up some words, then glue them to the cover. Use a good amount of glue but leave the books for a few hours to allow the tiles to attach properly.

Not Back To School Notebooks

Once everything has dried, you’ll have a fun tote with notebooks and pens, ready for all the adventures of a new academic year at home. Ours is starting off with a trip to France, so our notebooks, pencil holder and travel tote will come in really handy!not back to school craft

We bought the pencils and notebooks, and the T-shirt Transfer paper ourselves, but the rest of the of the box and craft kit were from Craft Merrily for the Bostik Bloggers Project


Make A ‘Not Back To School’ Tote With Pencil Holder And Notebooks {BostikBloggers}

  1. These look great – I love the transfer, though I am not sure how long the scrabble pieces will last around here! Enjoy your travels and soak up your lifelong learning!

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