Since we’ve been learning about Frida Kahlo, I thought we’d put some geography on the ‘lesson plan’ and learn about Mexico. Frida Kahlo was very proud of her place of birth and while she travelled with her husband Diego and lived in some of the major cities in the USA and travelled to Paris, France, her heart was always in Mexico.

She dressed in the peasant wardrobe of one of the local regions, and even when she moved in ‘high society’ of the time, she preferred the more rustic wardrobe of her national dress – not necessarily because of the fashion but because of the pride she felt in portraying her homeland.

Frida Kahlo's Mexico

Mexico Videos

While we were painting beads, we were watching some YouTube videos of Mexico.

This video has a very dull and slow voice, but actually it works quite well as there’s a lot of information and ‘fun facts’ that covered all the bases you’d need to know in a basic geography session.

And this video shows one of the tows near Mexico City and highlights the things kids might be interested in knowing:

This one is about the art that is prominent in Mexico:

“Obviously artists are inspired by what is around them ….so the artists were inspired by the colours in nature”

And this is about the Museum of Mexican Art

And finally, take a tour of Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and her wardrobe:

Mexico Lapbook

We’ve never done lapbooks before, but thought we’d give it a try. I found a full no-effort required downloadable lapbook from Homeschoolshare so we downloaded that and created our first lapbook.

It went down really well, and Ameli was really responsive to this visual form of learning, so it’s definitely something we’ll look at more in the future. Ameli was able to consult some of the impromptu notes she’d made (completely of her own volition!) to complete the lapbook, and we asked Alexa to help us translate the Spanish words we couldn’t figure out!

Mexico Lapbook

We learned a lot we didn’t know about Mexico, and can see why the cultures and colours of this gorgeous country were so important to Frida Kahlo.

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