It’s official, once Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, Christmas will be upon us! One can almost argue that the festive season and winter are almost one and the same. It’s also unavoidable, and whether you’re a Buddy the Elf or an Ebenezer Scrooge, you might as well get in the festive spirit, and what better way than by dressing your home in an array of festive trinkets?

Here are a few more unconventional approaches and Christmas decoration trends that will make your home really pop this year. Prepare to deck those halls!

Festive Wooden Spoon Puppets – Why not transform your boring, standard wooden spoons into festive puppets! In order to make your own Santa, Rudolph, snowman and elf puppets to delight both the young and old members of your family, all you need is a few scraps of coloured felt, some paints, pipe cleaners and glue, as well as the standard “Wiggly eyes.”

Christmas Card Holders – Figuring our where to display your Christmas cards is often a point of contention when it comes to the festive season, especially if you’ve been particularly popular this year and have hundreds of them! If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with original wooden beams, you’d be daft not to utilise them as a display platform. But then, few of us are so blessed. There is a simple solution though. All you need is a wooden board and a circular saw, making lines of bevelled cuts in which to plant your cards. Or, you know, ask someone who knows what they’re doing to do it!

Winter Wreath – Every home needs a decorative wreath at Christmas, and instead of opting for the same greens and reds as everyone else in your neighbourhood this year, why not try reflecting the season with some whites and golds?

Quilted Stockings – Stockings are not just for children. In fact, a stocking can help bring back a little of that joy we felt as kids rushing downstairs at 6 am on Christmas Day morning to see what Father Christmas had brought us in the night. They can also be surprisingly expensive though, so why not sew or knit your own? Of course, you’ll need some decent sewing skills (a sewing machine would be very helpful indeed) and a selection of disused quilts, but if you happen to have both (and the free time), then what’s your excuse?

Paper Trees – The Christmas Tree is the one Christmas staple even the most curmudgeonly of humbugs amongst you probably still bring out every 12 months, but if you want to take it a step further, why not supplement your big tree with a host of little handmade siblings?

Go boutique – Of course, if crafting your own Christmas decorations seems a little beyond your skill set, you can still make your home sing by avoiding the supermarkets and hitting up luxury outlets like Cox & Cox, John Lewis or even Harrods for your Christmas decoration needs instead. You will be paying a little more, granted, but you’ll also end up with decorations that will last forever and can be passed down from generation to generation. And when it comes down to it, Christmas really is all about family.

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