In the homeowner’s long list of chores, bathroom maintenance is probably on top in terms of priority. It’s not the easiest or the most pleasant task, but it’s certainly essential. As one of the areas in the house that’s frequently used, bathrooms get dirty fast and seem to need more fixes compared to other rooms. 

A person uses the bathroom about four to ten times a day. On average, a person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom. It’s safe to say that bathrooms play a significant role in people’s lives and homes, hence the importance of performing these bathroom maintenance tasks regularly, so you can fix issues like a stinky drain and more.

Clean and Reseal Grout Periodically

Constant exposure to heat and moisture wears down the grout and sealant around the tiles over the bathtub or in a shower cubicle. Check these areas frequently, and ensure that there are no wears and cracks. 

Dirt also tends to penetrate the grout and sealant as they’re made from porous materials. Regular cleaning prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup, although you may also want to consider investing in the best air purifier for mold as a further precaution. Resealing the grout also helps keep tiles firmly in place, so you don’t need to replace them frequently.

Check for Leaky Faucets and Pipes

An unfixed leaky faucet costs homeowners $30 per year while a pinhole leak on an indoor pipe wastes as much as $70 per month, according to Alert Labs. The more serious the problem and the longer you leave them alone, the more expensive they become. Regular maintenance checks help catch and fix issues before it’s too late. You can buy pvc fittings beforehand and let your plumber install them.

Leaky pipes don’t just waste water and money, but they also leave unsightly marks on your bathroom walls and cause rust to develop faster on metal fixtures. The moisture from the broken pipe can introduce mold into the area, leading to more damage and health hazards. Calling professional plumbers like these clogged drain repair services in North San Diego County, CA is a good way to ensure the issue gets solved for good or for a long time.

The best way to deal with leaks is to nip them in the bud and prevent them by using pipe insulation. Visit this weblink to learn more about it!

You can call for regular maintenance with the help of professionals from companies like If you find broken pipes and need help with damage claims, then visit sites like

Look for Signs of Toilet Problems

Toilet problems happen once in a while in most homes. Common toilet issues include clogging, phantom flushing, low water pressure and faulty flapper. Old toilets tend to develop more problems and need more repairs over time. However, new toilets can also malfunction if not used properly.

If your toilet doubles up as a trash can, expect to experience frequent clogging. Toilets are just not made to handle solid wastes, like diapers, sanitary pads, toilet paper, and wet wipes – even supposedly biodegradable ones. If you are having toilet problems find out more about it, then check out services like this toilet replacement in Woodinville, WA.

Check under the Sink

Lots of things—leaks, molds, and health hazards—can be hiding underneath your bathroom sink, so give it a peep at least once a week. Underneath the sink, moisture can accumulate and gradually corrode pipes. Make it a habit to air out the sink closet to prevent molding and rusting. If you notice mold growth, you might want to consider hiring mold removal services immediately. 

Other things can also make a home in your sink closet. Regularly cleaning the area and spraying insect repellent prevent roaches and other pests from settling there. If you don’t spot them in time, you might want to call in a professional pest control expert, like the team at

Use Drain Covers

Drain covers prevent shower debris, like hair strands, dirt, and soap residue, from going down the drain and creating a block. When the drain cover is full, you can remove it, throw the debris in the trash, and put back the cover.

Clean the drain covers weekly using baking soda paste and a toothbrush to remove mineral buildups and rust. After drying them, wipe with baby oil or spray with WD-40 to restore their shine. You can do this to other chrome bathroom fixtures too.

Replace Old Fixtures

Old fixtures waste a lot of money and water. They’re not water-efficient, and they’re likely to have problems that result in leaks and expensive repairs. Checking whether your bathroom fixtures are up-to-date should be part of your maintenance routine.

For long-term savings, consider replacing your old toilet with a new, water-efficient sanicompact model with a macerator to pump out wastewater. Swap out standard showerheads and faucets for low-flow ones as well.  Get help on plumbing installation from reliable contractors.

A Well-Maintained Bathroom

Most people visit the bathroom first thing in the morning. It’s an integral part of many people’s routine before they go to work or school. If you have to get up one morning on a workweek and find your bathroom flooding, it will put a wrench on your day. You’ll have to skip work to clean up the mess to fix the problem. That scenario can happen to you at any time if you don’t maintain your bathroom.

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