Almost every child will eventually need some sort of educational help during their school years. Even homeschooled children might need additional help with certain subjects. So if you see that your child is having trouble with maths or that they might need help with a science fair, you can always use a lot of online resources to help them. Not every child is going to excel in every subject. Some might really struggle with math while others can breeze right through it. And others might not be able to read a book very well while others can memorize historical speeches with ease. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of homework resources you can use online to your benefit as a homeschooler.

During their early stage, children experience many changes. In the first couple of years, they learn how to babble, crawl, speak, and walk. From time to time, it may happen that toddlers do not develop some skills as expected. These occurrences are usually completely normal and can be fixed with speech therapy for your toddler, you may find this website helpful. 

Some sites have an ask the expert section where you can ask any question to get an answer from a teacher. These kinds of sites can be helpful but usually only in a pinch.

There are reference sites like online encyclopedias and dictionaries that have a world of knowledge in them. These sites like Britannica make it easier to learn about a certain subject.

Always check your public library. The library has a wealth of knowledge that can help with any type of homework too. And now, a lot of libraries give you access to certain sites online as long as you have a library card. Sites like Libby and Overdrive work with libraries all across the country to supply books, audiobooks and more to patrons.

With students doing an average of 3 hours per night worth of homework, as stated in a Stanford study, is it any wonder that a lot of parents are now homeschooling?

Infoplease is a great site that can help students with various subjects like current events, science and government. Their site includes an atlas, dictionary and thesaurus, videos and more. They also have different calculators, conversion tools and even spell checkers.

Discovery Education is another fun site for kids that helps them delve deeper into subjects. With interactive games, videos and even contests, they supply information for a lot of subjects.

A favorite of mine is Webmath if you need more help in math. In school, it’s not just about getting the correct answer but you also have to show how you got that answer too. With Webmath, they have a tool that gives answers to the specific questions you enter. It will also help students show how they arrived at that answer. This is a great resource for anyone struggling in math and might need a little more help going through the process of an equation. You can also take a more direct approach and use online calculators. For example, if your student is learning matrices, and they don’t have the answers available for them or have been creating their own problems, you can use an matrices calculator that not only shows the answer but the work as well.

And finally, if your student is studying for a test or preparing for an exam, finding free test papers online can help them with practice questions. This is a great way to help reenforce what they have learned and also to test what they remember as well. By using practice tests even in homeschool, you can help your students learn how to go through their materials to study what can be on a test easier.

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