Ah, periods. I think most women could look at their menstrual journey as a path which shows their growth, change and development through life. It’s a topic that often comes up in generally female-only conversations, and as our baby girls grow from infants to toddlers to preteens, it’s a topic that seems to come up more and more. I am really grateful for this – the day my period started, I thought I was dying. Considering I grew up in a medical environment, that’s not really great. I remember sitting down to calculate how my pocket money would stretch to buy pads and tampons without anyone ever knowing as I was under the impression that I would now bleed every day, for the rest of my life! I’m glad that society has changed and that this is a topic we can discus, share and not feel ashamed about.  There is so much more to period products now than those yukky disposable pads I spent most of my adult life using, and my latest favourite is Modibodi – leak-proof panties. (Link below for £10 off!)

I gave up disposable pads around the time I was given reusable maternity pads and I’ve never looked back. On the odd occasion I’ve been caught by surprise and had to use a disposable, I’ve hated it. If you’ve never tried it, I can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve been using Modibodi pants for the last four months now – they are panties with a lining inside them, and I use them in the early and final days of my period and overnight – they are especially great for overnight use because no matter how I toss and turn, there’s nothing to dislodge. I’ve even worn them on my heaviest overnight – with some trepidation – but have still not had any leaks or stains on my bedding. An absolute winner.

According to the website, studies show that 30% of women face disrupted sleep when menstruating and most of us have woken up to leaks (my most embarrassing one was an unexpected heavy bleed on an overnight stay at a hotel. Beautifully crisp white bedding. Joy.)

Modibodi®  has introduced period pants with 24-hour absorbency in a comfy sleep short style – and they are. I don’t normally wear underwear to bed, and I’ve not found them in any way disruptive to my sleep. Modibodi’s Maxi-24 Hrs Sleep Shorts are proven to hold up to 50ml of liquid (that’s around a mega 10 tampons worth), offering overnight protection and peace of mind.

 The Sleep Shorts feature a highly breathable super slim (6mm) and extremely absorbent lining. The lining is stain and bacteria fighting, so you can wake up leak and odour free. Designed with comfort in mind, the Sleep Shorts move with your body, so as you move naturally throughout the night you will be comfy and leak free, ensuring you can have a great night’s sleep.  I have found that the non-black versions do eventually stain a bit, but no one pays that close attention to my pants, so it doesn’t bother me! 

The sleep shorts are available from www.modibodi.co.uk for an RRP £40.00, which isn’t cheap, but if you think of what they’ll save you over the years you’ll be able to wear them, and add to that the comfort you can go through your day and night in, they are absolutely worth every penny. Other styles and absorbency are available from £18.

There’s also a 60-day risk free trial for first time customers, so if you want to try a pair and they don’t work for you for whichever reason, there’s a money back guarantee, which I think goes to show how much they believe in their product.

You can also use this link for £10 off your first order(and I’ll get £10 off too).

Period pants are something I absolutely intend to give my daughters when their time comes, because for most of us our menstrual journey starts out awkward, shame-filled and embarrassing, but if they can find peace with their changing selves many years before I did, they’ll find the power and beauty in womanhood so much earlier, and if there’s a product that can ease them into that transition, I’m fully in support of it.

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