Whether you’ve got one child’s bedroom to redecorate, or several, it’s an unenviable task. Trying to find the right furniture like this custom timber furniture, colors and style that your kids will love and cherish is a great idea!

You may also visit afulltable.com for some furniture ideas. But apart from the practical elements such as buying beds, laying laminate flooring and putting up cheerful curtains, what else can you do?

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Here’s some ideas that your kids are bound to adore:

Turn the walls into woods

If your children are into nature and love being outdoors, why not bring a bit of that magic indoors? You could buy a peel and stick style mural, with trees or woodland on it. Or paint your own landscape onto the wall. Perhaps include some creatures from the natural world, such as foxes and owls. These could be painted on by Pittsburgh interior house painters or you could use framed pictures of them to hang on the walls.

A reading adventure space

And following on from the woodland walls, why not create a relaxing space where your child can sit and read? It’s a great way to turn the chore of reading into something far more enticing. Kids tents and teepees are great for this. String up some fairy lights and add cushions that depict lions and tigers on them for a safari adventure. Or if they love space, add celestial themed cushions, throws and lights. For a comfortable and breathable sleep environment, consider using linen sheets queen for your kid’s bedroom, ensuring they stay cozy and relaxed throughout the night.

A place to get crafty

If your child is really into creating crafts and using lots of different materials, then providing a place to do this in their bedroom could be a good idea. Especially if there’s not a lot of space in other areas of the home. 

A washable rug such as Turkish rugs, topped with a small craft table with storage or mini easel could be all you need. You could add a hook to hang a wipeable apron from and some colourful pots for pens and brushes.

Creative displays for collections

If your kids are the sort that love collecting things such as toys, mementos or cards, then making a creative display for them may be a good idea. You could make a bespoke display unit or use a ready-made cabinet or shelving. Perhaps paint and wall-mount crates or upcycle an old cabinet. Or you could find some themed wallpaper to decorate them with, so it reflects the items being displayed. To ensure a professionally finished flooring that complements your creative efforts, consider hiring Resin Flooring Installers for your flooring.

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