Travel has been one of the most sorely missed experiences over the past two years.

And though there still remains uncertainty with international travel, many holidaymakers already have their sights set on their next excursions. You can learn more travel tips at in this blog.

Whether you’re planning a romantic escape with your partner, a fun family holiday or a vacation with friends, there are countless locations that will take you out of your comfort zone for an unforgettable experience. For instance, those who love to hunt in the wild may purchase a hunting rifle from a gun store and apply for a permit to carry. You may also book jeep tours to experience off-roading with your family or friends.

So if you’re dreaming of globetrotting adventures in 2022, these are three fantastic ideas that will take your trip to the next level.

Travelling Child

  1. Beach holiday

Remember the last time you were on a beach, sipping cocktails under the sun?

No, us neither.

It may be a simple choice, but if you’re after some rest and relaxation, it’s time to book a stress-free flight with Jettly. You can’t go wrong with a hot sunny climate and a breath-taking beach view.

Top locations for these types of holidays include Spain, where tourists flock to the country’s remarkable seaside hotspots and enjoy the excitement and culture of the city simultaneously.

  1. Artist’s retreat

Whether you’re a creative taken by the muse, or a would-be artiste who has never had the chance to follow up on their ambitions, there are few more inspiring experiences in the world than travel.

And there are plenty of incredible locations to visit organised retreats that will help you connect with other creatives. One such example is Fordypningsrommet, an artist’s retreat in the Arctic Circle, founded by musician Havard Lund to give creators ‘an undisturbed stay out here amongst nature, finding the inspiration to embark on a new creative journey.’

But if you’re looking for a place to get away and focus on your creative work, you can do this just about anywhere you’re drawn to. For instance, do you prefer to unwind in the quiet of the rural countryside, where you can paint green landscapes and natural life? Or do you thrive on the hustle and bustle of cities, your authorial spark unlocked by the chaos of people rushing past? You can check out these Busch Gardens Williamsburg deals to buy some tickets for your trip.

  1. Live abroad

If a short-lived escape isn’t enough to sate your nomadic curiosities, or if you’ve always dreamed of living a life abroad in new and exciting locations, perhaps a permanent change of scene is the perfect adventure for 2022.

If this is the case, the world is your oyster!

Many countries actively encourage expatriates and offer incentives, particularly to investors – one such example is Portugal’s Golden Visa programme. Qualifying applicants who invest in the country’s economy – for example, by investing in the property market through real estate holding companies or agencies like Property Lisbon  – can apply for residency in the country, and after a certain period of time, citizenship.

With schemes such as these around the globe, living abroad can be a chance to invest in your future whilst experiencing adventure in your present and seeing the world.

These are just three incredible travel ideas to consider in 2022.

Got travel plans for this year? Share your adventure aspirations with us in the comments below.

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