I can’t really believe we’re already at the ‘Christmas crafts’ stage of the year’s Bostik Bloggers, but here we are! We don’t even have a Christmas tree yet, but we have been making ornaments using the goodies from our Bostik Bloggers craft box.

I seem to have amassed a collection of polystyrene balls and stars over the last year, and thought they might make a nice Christmas tree ornament – specially since they’re shatter proof and won’t add much weight to the Christmas ornament box.
DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments

To make the ornaments, you’ll need:

Follow the link above to see a fantastic selection of polystyrene shapes, including Christmas and regular. We made stars and balls. I also chose an iridescent glitter as I thought that would be less jarring if the kids missed spots, and as it happens it looks really pretty when the fairy lights reflect from it. 

I didn’t have screw eyes, so used florist wire, twisted at the end then pressed into the shape.
DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments This way there’s a hoop to either hook directly onto the tree or thread some string through for a longer hanging option. DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments

All ready now, you can call the kids in to get involved. Pour a blob of glue onto the shape and use a finger to spread the glue all over. For the round ones we put the glitter on a board and rolled it around, but then with the stars realised it was easier to sprinkle the glitter over – it gives a more consistent application.

Leave to dry and when it has, you can hang it up. At the moment we have it in the kitchen hanging from the lemon tree – but it’s quite a seasonal lemon tree: it never gives us any lemons but it provides a great spot to hang our seasonal crafts from!

As BostikBloggers we receive a free box of craft goodies once a month to create themed crafts.

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DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments #Bostikbloggers

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