You just landed a job at Black Tie Moving, and you’re finally ready to get your own place. Whether you’re new to apartment shopping or not, here are 5 tips when apartment hunting!

Find a Realtor

Did you know that there are realtors who specialize in apartment real estate? It’s not just housing these experts deal in. When you’re looking for a new apartment such as those luxury apartments, whether nearby or out of state, you should consider hiring a realtor.

Realtors know the ins and outs of each listing. They know the questions to ask and what price range is affordable. You can bet that if you have a realtor, they will find you the best apartment possible on a budget that’s suitable for you.

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Consider Your Options

While it may be tempting to sign a lease on the first apartment you visit, you want to be sure to take your time when looking at such a big commitment. Even if it’s just a one-year lease, you’d hate to be pinned down to a place that wasn’t perfect for you.

We hear it all the time, people signing off on an apartment, just to get an email about a listing that would have been much better for them. So, when you are apartment shopping, keep an open mind! Also, be sure to visit at least 4 or 5 different areas before settling down with one option.

Hang Out in the Area

If you’re looking for an apartment in your hometown, you’re sure to already know the area by now. However, if you’re going to be moving to a new city – you want to make sure you spend some quality time in the neighborhoods in which you’re looking for your new apartment.

You could find the dream apartment, but if it happens to be in a bad area, it will hardly seem worth it. (Even if the price is lower!) Getting a lay of the land before deciding to settle in somewhere is key when apartment hunting. In addition, if you hang out in the area, you can also spot repairs or maintenance issues that you may want to tell the landlord before committing. For instance, you can check if the roofing is bad where roof replacement will be needed. Or check if there are construction debris around the area where a dumpster rental and demolition contractor will be needed to clear debris left from a recent construction or renovation.

You’ll get a great feel of what it will be like to live there day in and day out. Can you picture yourself in that environment? If so, that’s a great sign you may have found the one!

Budget Wisely

If this is your first apartment, you want to make sure to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing your finances. Creating an excel spreadsheet would help with this! After all, there’s more that goes into an apartment than just the rent.

Get as detailed as possible when it comes to your budget. You want to factor in how much utilities will be, food, gas, etc. You’ll also want to budget for little upgrades that you might want to do in the future like upgrading to Remote-Controlled Garage Door Systems. Don’t skimp out on any of the details. You don’t want to get yourself in a situation where you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

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Read The Fine Print

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing what apartment is best for you. Some places require monthly fees that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

You should make sure to review the lease with your realtor before signing off on it. If you aren’t sure of anything – ask! You want to know what you’re getting into before it’s too late. Once you make that commitment, it will be challenging to get out of it.


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