This is indeed a season of giving! I have been honoured with my very first ever blog award!LemonadeAwards

Wikipedia says a blog award is “an award for the best blog in a given category”.

Bestowed by the lovely Joey Resciniti from Big Teeth & Clouds, who found herself in the spotlight after a blog about Eggo Waffles, a Lemonade Stand award is for blogs that express “gratitude and/or a great attitude.”

I have no idea how blog awards work yet, but will figure it out in time.

Thanks again Joey!

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My First Blog Award

  1. I haven’t had Internet service in the new house so I’m sorry I didn’t get to your email. Then when we finally got back online last night – my computer wouldn’t send the email. I was just to tired to figure it out so:

    I just save the blog award graphic to my hard drive by right-clicking and choosing “Save As”. Then I use the widget in Blogger that inserts an image to the sidebar. I see that you are on WordPress, but I’m sure there is a similar gadget. I link the image to the URL of my post about the award and that’s it. Hope this helps and you’ll probably get an email from me when my computer at home decides it’s good and ready!

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