Mindful Nurturing – Mindful Holidays: How To Have A Stress Free Holiday Season

Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!

Welcome to the Mindful Holidays eBundle sale, organized by my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing, in collaboration with the Nourished Living Network. Grab your chance to get access to these 7 eProducts for a peaceful holiday, including simple homemade ideas, 3-month access to a virtual yoga class, tips for cooking with kids, recipes, and more. Total retail value is $69.09, and this sale is available only from October 28 to November 4.


Even though the holiday season is supposed to be a season of reconnection, closeness and love, for many of us, it’s also a stressful time, with much to be done, more mess and activity than we’re used to and sometimes conflict between people with complicated histories.

The Mindful Holidays bundle was created to offer a selection of resources to help us through this time of year with joy and laughter instead of conflict and stress. Check out these amazing contributions and kickstart your holiday season:

Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Pioneering Today — A Homemade Christmas

Melissa K. Norris, 48 pages, $2.99

In Pioneering Today — A Homemade Christmas, author Melissa K. Norris, shares how to get back to the true meaning of Christmas, tips for homemade baked goods when you’re stretched for time, homemade affordable gifts people will use and like, and how to give the gift of yourself to your loved ones with special planned activities. With over 36 recipes, homemade gift ideas, and decor inspiration, you’ll experience a simple Christmas with the joy the season was intended to have.

Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Author bio

Melissa K. Norris creates new traditions from old-time customs, preserving a lost heritage for her readers. Melissa is a newspaper columnist, award-winning blogger, and radio show host. She teaches traditional bread-making classes, canning, and heirloom gardening workshops. When she’s not writing, Melissa can be found digging in the garden, playing with flour and sugar, and inspiring her pioneer roots.



Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Bliss Balls For Beginners

Luschka van Onselen, Keeper of the Kitchen, 50 pages, $3.22 <– That’s me!

21 fabulous recipes that can be made into gifts, lunch box snacks, or treats for guests. They are dairy free, gluten free, and mostly sugar free too, and are easy for adults and children to make using common, healthy, lovely ingredients.

Official product page

Author bio

Luschka lives in England with her husband and two daughters. She has been on a real food journey since her first child was born, and loves trying new recipes and flavours. She recently started a food blog, Keeperofthekitchen.com, where she shares the recipes she uses to fill her kids lunch boxes – normally healthy, always tasty, good-for-you snacks.



Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!More Than A Holiday

Sarah Nichols, Simple Life Abundant Life, 150 pages, $7.95

This is a Christian-based 25-day family Christmas devotional. It’s designed to help your family focus on the real reason for Christmas — the birth of Christ. It is full of family time activities as well as a parent section to understand the history and theological significance of each day.

Official product page

Author bio

Scott and Sarah have been married for 6 years. He is a youth pastor, and she used to teach special education but now stays home with their two young boys. Scott and Sarah desire to help people live the abundant lives God has for them. You can find us at http://simplelifeabundantlife.com/

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Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Avoiding Holiday Burnout: 10 Keys to a Relaxing and Enjoyable Holiday Season

Marie James, The Homesteader School, 35 pages, $3.99

Have the holidays ever made you feel more stressed than blessed? Expectations and pressure to create the perfect holiday can lead us down a path toward burnout. Author Marie James, who has been there and learned how to restore the joy, shares ten keys to planning more relaxing and enjoyable holiday seasons.

Author bio

Marie James and her husband Jim live on a Pacific Northwest farm they share with their extended family. A freelance writer and editor, Marie blogs at The Homesteader School. She can be reached at Marie@HomesteaderSchool.com.


Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Adventures With Kids! In the Kitchen

Chara, Stitching Hearts Together, 82 pages, value $14.95

Chara uses her sense of humor and practical experience as a teacher and mother of 3 to help you and your family succeed with real food cooking. Whether you are a gourmet cook or just learning, you will find practical ideas and suggestions for how to get your kids cooking, culturing, cleaning, and celebrating their time in the kitchen!

You can find the new ebook “Adventures With Kids! In the Kitchen”  and Chara with her adventures on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

Product official page

Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Author bio

Chara at Stitching Hearts Together is a busy (she says “That word seems so cliché — maybe dizzy is better”) wife and homeschooling mom to 3 healthy, happy (most of the time) children. A teacher by trade, Chara has always been passionate about educating people — about real food, simple living, the importance of playing in the dirt, and a variety of other topics.



Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!

Work Hard, Rest Deeply: 5-Class Series

Jennifer Hoffman, Stay-at-Home Yoga, $28

This virtual yoga series from Stay-at-Home Yoga has five, full-length classes accessible whenever and wherever you roll out your mat. You will get three months of unlimited access to this series, designed to help you release tension, increase strength, and cultivate joy this holiday season.

Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!

BONUS: Mindful Holiday Bundle purchasers can also save $20 off an Annual Stay-at-Home Yoga Premium Membership!)

Official product page

Author bio

Jennifer Hoffman is not your average yogi. A public accountant turned certified yoga instructor, Jen now balances an active practice with her busy life as a yoga teacher, blogger, mother, and wife. The key to this balance is simple: Jen lives life with intention. She teaches virtual yoga classes at StayAtHomeYoga.com. At EveryBreathITake.com, she encourages her readers to live with intention, writing with a heart for whole and healthy lives on parenting, faith, relationships, and, of course, yoga. She is also the host of the Intentional Chatter Podcast. She relies on her husband Derek to keep their two lovely children — and two furry Labradors — off camera through Namaste.

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Mindful Holidays eBundle Sale - 7 inspiring eProducts on sale until November 4!Approaching a personal herbal practice, herbalism basics and safety information.

Amanda Klenner, Natural Herbal Living, 41 pages, value $4

This book is the perfect step in the right direction for anyone considering using herbs, essential oils, or flower essences in their own life for health and wellness. It discusses how to approach a personal herbal practice with joy and gratitude, the basics of herbalism, and important safety considerations.

Official product page

Author bio

Natural Herbal Living is written by several experienced practicing herbalists who have a passion not only for herbs, but for sharing their vast and extensive knowledge as well. They have many different specialties giving every issue a depth that you won’t find in most herbal texts. You can learn more about our amazing authors here.

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Mindful Nurturing – Mindful Play – On Sale Now

I’d like to give you a peek into the amazing new e-bundle up at my affiliate partner: the Mindful Play eBundle.

$14.95 = £9.28 =AUS$16.02=R150.91

This bundle contains 9 play-oriented e-resources, plus 3 phenomenal bonuses.

This ebundle is for sale only from September 30 through October 3. After that, you’ll never see this particular collection together again at this price.

There’s a little something for everyone, geared to kids from ages 1 to 12: coloring pages, a yoga story book, mandala drawing initiation, treasure baskets and sensory bins, modeling play, and much more.

Here’s a bit more about the exciting contents:

  • Sensory Bins: the What, the How and the Why, by Sharla Kostelyk of The Chaos and the Clutter:

    Sensory bins are a simple and inexpensive learning tool that can benefit all children. Whether you are interested in incorporating sensory bins into your home, classroom, or homeschool, this guide will provide you the necessary knowledge and ideas to get started. It includes idea lists, storage and money saving tips, information on using sensory bins with Sensory Processing Disorder, and helpful recipes.

  • Alphabet Glue, by Annie of Bird and Little Bird:

    Alphabet Glue is a downloadable e-magazine for families who love books. Filled with activities, printables, projects, and plenty of inspiration, Alphabet Glue was created in hopes of helping more families incorporate creativity, imagination and all things literary into their everyday routines. Each issue contains leveled book recommendations organized by theme, bookmaking tutorials, story-building activities, and hands-on projects that complement favorite titles in children’s literature. From stories to science experiments, Alphabet Glue has a little something for everyone. This bundle includes two fall-themed issues: Volume 9 and Volume 14 — Fold functional paper periscopes for amateur espionage and make simple plant presses. Sail a fleet of tiny sailboats and learn a bit about surface tension in the process. Reflect on the shape of rain drops, and create a bit of refrigerator-ready art while you’re at it. Make bouncy balls out of laundry room staples and handy office supplies, and spend a bit of time thinking about how fossils are formed before trying your hand at making your own. All this and more in two fun- and story-filled volumes!

  • Mandala Doodles, by Sara McGrath of Unschooling Lifestyle:

    Learn to draw mandala doodles. With something round to trace, pens, and an eye for discovering the patterns around you, you can draw round mandala doodles and non-circular doodle designs.

  • Mudworks: Creative Clay, Dough and Modeling Experiences for Kids, by MaryAnn Kohl:

    Mudworks offers a delightful range of over 100 hands-on creative modeling mixtures and recipes for children to explore and experience. Kids like to call it the goosh and moosh book! All projects use common household materials and require no expertise. Ideal for fun or serious art for all ages, at home, school, or childcare. A classic!

  • Treasure Basket Play, by Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots:

    Treasure Basket Play shows you step by step how to effectively and safely set up and use a treasure basket in your home today that will engage and challenge your baby each time the basket is used. Treasure basket play is suitable for sitting babies to approximately 12 months.

  • How To Fool Your Kids Into Having Fun So You Can: Travel Games Without Gadgets, by Iyas of Freaky Rivet:

    Born out of 6 months of travel with the author’s own 4 children, How to Fool Your Kids Into Having Fun So You Can is an ebook packed with over 100 games for travelling without gadgets. These are not just your standard car or plane games, but also ones to keep them amused in restaurants, hotel lobbies, boats, and all kinds of places you might find yourself. Some will educate them along the way; most are just outright fun. And it doesn’t have to be in some far-flung continent — they are just as useful even at your local deli. You could give your kids an electronic game — but this way you can give them some good old-fashioned fun interacting with people and the environment around them. Bring your sense of humour, and dive in.

  • Animal ABCs, by Carisa of 1+1+1=1:

    Animal ABCs is a fun way to take your toddler or preschooler through the alphabet while learning about animals along the way. Each letter features one animal that emphasizes the sound of the letter. Animal ABCs was created for children approximately ages 2-4 years. The bundle includes: Full-size display letters, full-size blank letters and animals to cut for craft, package of printable extras for each letter, all flashcards, all extra additions (Dot Fun, Play Dough Mats, Wall Posters, & Lowercase Letters). Once you purchase, you have access to a private page and you can come back and download anything new that’s added!

  • Summer Fun, by Joni Rae Latham of Tales of a Kitchen Witch:

    This is a 15-page coloring book PDF with natural-parenting line drawings by Joni Rae Latham. The drawings depict different families having fun in the summer with scenes including cosleeping, breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding, and babywearing.

  • Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories:

    Join Sophia’s jungle adventure! Fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly as you act out this journey through a Costa Rican jungle. What else might you see? Follow along with Sophia’s story and her yoga moves. The storybook includes a List of Kids Yoga Poses and a Parent-Teacher Guide.

PLUS, three exciting bonuses:

  • 12 play-themed coloring pages, by Hugo Smits:These coloring pages are a playful example of how Hugo combines his attached parenting style with his passion.
  • Playful Rituals eBook and a Sample eCourse, by Shawn Ledington Fink,author of The Playful Family
  • Audio interview with industry expert on treasure baskets, via Melitsa Avila

Inspire your family to grow closer together as you foster your creativity and playfulness!

Read more about the resources here, and then get your bundle today for only $14.95, at over 80% off a retail value of $74. It’s available only until October 3, so hurry!


Buying this bundle supports this site! I am very grateful.

6 Resources For Home Education

Remember the awesome Mindful Nurturing resources we shared with you a couple of months ago? I’m still reading the incredible resources from it, and here they are with the next bundle: Mindful Learning. I’m really excited about this bundle as we have started on the journey to home education, or home schooling, or whatever you call it.

Here’s some info on the six books in this resource:

The Mindful Learning eBundle is a six resource pack on learning and learning philosophies. An ideal start for the (un)school year for homeschoolers and people who want to offer learning support to their preschooler or young child.

Get these awesome learning resources for only $12.50/£8.02/AU$13.84 (based on today’s exchange rates), with a total value of$50.90/£32.67/AU$56.34. That’s 75% off!

This bundle will be available for only 4 days from August 25 to August 28.

Montessori At Home!

John Bowman,Montessori at home, value $10.95

The Third Edition of the Montessori At Home! eBook is the most complete Montessori at homeresource available for parents who want to do Montessori activities at home with their 3-6 year old children. This full size, 512-page, $10.95 PDF eBook looks great on all computers, and is optimized for viewing on the iPad. Hundreds of full color photos and links to blogs and videos expand on the information in the eBook, providing a unique resource for parents. Instead of spending months of time during your child’s most formative years researching what to do, you can start doing activities in 1-2 days and have a complete plan at your fingertips for moving on. Over 4000 parents all over the world are using Montessori At Home!

The first chapters contain exactly the information parents need to know to get started quickly and with a firm understanding of Montessori. They include information on Maria Montessori and her observations of children, the neuroscience of early childhood, implementing Montessori principles in parenting, and using learning materials at home. Clear descriptions for over 300 activities and hands-on materials follow in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Art & Music, Digital Life, Science, Language, and Mathematics. Complete sequences for teaching your to child to read and master Montessori math are included. Recommendations are also given for over 225 of the best tablet apps for preschoolers, along with guidelines for safely introducing digital learning to children. 76 pages of free printables are included, as well as the eBook, Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori, to give you a window into what other Montessori Moms are doing at home. There is no other resource for parents like Montessori At Home!

Andrea at What DID We Do All Day? Comments:

“I wish that I had access to John Bowman’s Montessori At Home! during that time. It has everything I loved about those early books (Pitamic, Seldin), PLUS the information I needed to keep going (Gettman) all rolled into one. For many parents, this will be the only resource you need to create a wonderful preschool experience for your child at home.”

Stephanie at Discovery Moments relates her own experiences:“I muddled through, asking a million questions of Montessori teachers and bloggers along the way. I learned so much and really started to feel like I got it. It took a good year of research to learn the basics. Then one day I got an email from John Bowman asking me to review his book Montessori at Home! I read it cover to cover and realized that this was what I had been looking for a year before as I was trying to get things together to teach my daughters. It illustrated the materials that you need to have and those you can make on your own. It has a quick start guide so you can start right away; and it gave a really good idea of how to set everything up in your own home. There were so many pictures (I need to see)!  If I had this book first it would have made things simpler (and less expensive). So now it is the first book I recommend to people looking to start doing Montessori at home.”

You can Read!

by Carisa, over 300 pages, value $10

You Can Read Button 200x200You Can Read is a simple sight word program I developed with younger readers in mind. Children learn to read at different ages and some show the reading readiness signs at much younger ages than others. These children are ready to learn words and reading skills, they just aren’t ready for complex worksheets and activities often available to children who are a bit older when they are learning. I (Carisa) created this program for children who are showing reading readiness signs at a younger age, approximately ages 3-5. Older children can use these printables and activities also, they were just created with a younger reader in mind!

The printables are based on the Dolch Pre Primer & Primer Sight Word lists, as well as a few I added in, for a total of 72 words. To see the entire word list, and list of activities included in each set, see the You Can Read Information Page

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activitiessensory alphabet activities

by Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots,value $9

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities is your go to solution for wriggly jiggly children who want to craft and play with alphabet activities that focus on the process along with audio from educators about alphabet learning to set things going in the right direction.

Follow raising playful tots on Twitter Facebook Pinterest


Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader

by Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup, value $9.97

book loveWhat if you could get your reluctant reader to love books?

Kids don’t like to read for four reasons:

– too tricky – too blurry – too boring – too sitty

Discover why your child doesn’t like to read . . . and what to do about it!

Then turn it into Book Love!

In Book Love, you’ll find lots of unique, fun, and exciting ideas for your child based on why he or she doesn’t like reading. What else will you find in Book Love? – book lists by interests (with links) – alphabet and phonics activities and crafts – sight word games – favorite reading products – rhyming word play games – printables – and more!

Do you want your child to love reading?

Then you need this book.

Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learninga lifestyle of learning

by Sara McGrath, 120 pages, value $4.99

A Practical Handbook on Learning Without School: People who feel drawn to the philosophical principles of unschooling often ask ‘How do you unschool?’ While acknowledging that each family approaches the unschooling lifestyle from a unique standpoint, I offer the details of my family’s experiences, along with specific advice for meeting legal requirements without sacrificing your ideals.

More info here

What Will We Learn Today? Easy Homeschooling Activities

Lauren Wayne, Hobo Mama, value $5.99

what-will-we-learn-todayAre you a homeschooling parent, or do you want to be? Maybe you wonder how learning can fit into everyday life. Or maybe you’re sure it can, but some days you and your child simply run out of ideas of what to do that’s not the same old-same old.

That’s where this book comes in. It’s an ideabook of more than 550 fun and creative ideas that teach and reinforce learning under eight key curricular subjects. Whether you’re homeschooling, unschooling, or regular schooling, your preschool and school-age kids will enjoy these quick and fun activities that engage their minds and creativity.

The ideas are time- and child-tested activities that our kids enjoy. For them, there’s no division between “learning” and “life” — it’s all of one piece. These idea-joggers use very little in the way of special materials or money but give a lot in terms of natural learning and family connection.



So to sum up:

Love Bombing With A Three Year Old

There’s been a distinct disconnect between my almost four year old, Ameli, and myself lately. We just aren’t working well together. We’re not cooperating. I’m shouting at her, she’s shouting at me. She ignores me. She tells me I’m not her best friend anymore. She doesn’t listen to me… and the number of times I’ve said the words ‘you’re  not listening to me’ made me realise that maybe, just maybe, the disconnect is because I’m not listening to her, either.

By listening to her, I don’t mean paying attention when she talks, or doing what her three year old demands insist. I mean really, deeply, listening to her, to what her words are not saying.

This post has moved. Read the rest HERE

A Look At Each Item In The Mindful Nurturing eBundle

On Tuesday I told you about the Mindful Nurturing eBundle, and what was in it, but I thought I might go through the bundle and tell you more about each of the 22 items. Hopefully a description of what’s in it will show you how fabulous a resource it is!

Click on the Buy Now buttons throughout to buy the whole bundle for US$24.95/£16.49/AUS$25.90.

The total value of these, if you bought them all individually would be US$236/ £155.95/ AUS$245.05.

This whole bundle is for sale between 28 May and 10 June 2013

relaxation meditation

Relaxation Meditation

AUDIO – Amy Phoenix (Presence Parenting), value $50 USD/lifetime access

Relaxation Meditation helps you access inner awareness and resolve, cultivating the space for true, lasting transformation. Relax into parenting as you enhance your relationship with yourself, your child, and life at the same time.


Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting

Becky Eanes (Positive Parents), 30 pages, Value $4.99 USD

The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting is an introduction to the philosophy of Newbie Guide to Positive Parentingpositive parenting. It addresses what positive parenting is, and what it is not (permissive parenting). It discusses how to change your mindset from the traditional paradigm of control and fear to the positive parenting paradigm of connection and love. It gives you teaching tools and discusses the differences between consequences, punishments, and problem-solving. Finally, it goes over enforcing limits without punishments and 10 alternatives to punishments as well as 10 things that are more important than discipline.

This eBook will give you clarity on positive parenting and offer you tools and skills that will strengthen your relationship with your child while teaching values and instilling the self-discipline that will benefit your child for a lifetime. The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting provides several scenarios so you can see how positive parenting principles are applied in everyday situations.


play grow learn - cover imagePlay Grow Learn

(Childhood 101)55 pages, value $4 USD

Bursting with ideas for playing inside and outside, with activities for moving, talking, cooking, creating, thinking, singing, imagining and constructing, Play Grow Learn is a downloadable e-zine that provides both inspiration and information for parents and educators of children from birth to 5 years. Issue 3 includes over 100 playful activities including play suggestions for toddlers, an outdoor math hunt, ideas for exploring science in the kitchen, woodwork activities perfect for kids, an exclusive full colour set of printable puppets to get you singing with your kids PLUS art projects, book reviews, toy suggestions, playful parenting ideas, tips for making pack away time fun…and more!

Getting Back on Track! – Why We Explode and What We Can Do About It

natural phenomena

AUDIO – Genevieve Simperingham (Peaceful Parent Institute), value $7.58 USD

Listen to this audio to gain lots of insights into the tendency to meltdown, why it happens, how to see it coming and what to do instead of yelling or otherwise acting from a place of overwhelm and frustration. You’ll gain reassurance that it’s much more common than you thought, that it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility. You’ll learn that there are psychological triggers going back to childhood at the core of your tendency to lose your cool. And most importantly you’ll gain lots of great tips and strategies from Genevieve and Patty that will make it so much easier to be the peaceful parent that you know that you really can be.

Stress Relief for Parents

AUDIO – Genevieve Simperingham  (Peaceful Parent Institute), value $4.05 USD

stress relief for parentsWhen you’re at your wits end and need to rest and recuperate, this CD is a fantastic resource ~ Grab yourself fifteen minutes or so, choose your track and let Genevieve’s calming voice and supportive words guide you back to your self … back to your centre … back to balance … back to you at your best … back to peaceful parenting!

The track “Bliss” takes the listener through a 15 minute deep body relaxation. Genevieve’s soft Irish lilt backed by the celtic harp offers a soothing balm to their feelings and played at night next to their bed will ease their transition into a deep and restful sleep. Other tracks offer guided exercises that guide and teach the listener to centre and return to a calm balanced state and a warm connection with their child.


Creative Play Workshop

EMAIL COURSE – Gina Kimmel & Katherine Lockett (Connecting Family and Seoul and Creative Playhouse), value $25 USD
creative play workshop

Mindset for Moms

mindset for moms - cover imageJaimie Martin (Mindset for Moms), value $4.99 USD

Mindset for Moms: From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking in Just 30 Days is a guide for better thinking and increased happiness in parenting and in life. Lessons about positivity that took Jamie years to learn, you can learn in days–30 days, to be exact. She’s consolidated the concepts in this e-book into short entries–perfect for busy moms to read and apply for immediate results.

Moods of Motherhood

Lucy Pearce (Dreaming Aloud), value $9.99 USD

1-cover of moods of motherhoodA compilation of her best-loved posts on motherhood from her popular blog, Dreaming Aloud, columns from JUNO magazine and many new pieces, never before published. According to one reader, “This book puts the mother, back in motherhood”. “It is no ordinary parenting book” but full of her trademark searing honesty and raw emotions. It will make you laugh, cry and feel deeply accepted – wherever on your mothering journey you may be.

Topics include: pregnancy and birth, happy days, anger and fierceness, sleep, playfulness, grief, love, patience, tenderness, homemaking… it is illustrated throughout with beautiful black and white photographs.


42 Rules for Divorcing with Children (Doing it With Dignity and Grace While Raising Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted Children)

Melinda Robertsvalue $10.29 USD
42 rules for divorcing with kids42 Rules for Divorcing With Children offers practical ways to manage a healthy divorce, build a better team in two houses, minimize stress and anxiety on all fronts, and construct relationships with open and consistent communication. In this book you will learn:

  1. What putting the children first really means.
  2. How to preserve marital assets for you and your children.
  3. How to set reasonable ground rules for the divorce and going forward.
  4. How to set a respectful communication example so that you can divorce with dignity.

Use this book as objective advice, refer to it often, share it with others, use it as a reality check, and realize that divorce is not linear and that damage is not permanent or irreparable. If you do this well, the other parent will always be in your life. Find a way to make that tolerable for everyone, because no matter where you go or what you do, your children are tethered to both of you in an incredibly delicate and important way. Learn to accommodate each other as a gift to your children while they grow. Share others’ success stories for simple, practical advice and insights. See how taking care of yourself will help you take care of your family and prevent divorce remorse and divided loyalties. Set good examples that will help them make their own relationship choices wisely by drawing on your positive experience. And for you, know that someday, somewhere, you will almost certainly find a partner with whom you can have a mutually respectful, loving, and responsible relationship.


nurturing creativityNurturing Creativity, Guide for Busy Parents

Renee Tougas (Tougas Café), value $3 USD

Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms is a book to help you growcreatively.Nurturing Creativity is about embracing the seasons of motherhood and appreciating where you are while helping you to make creativity a priority in your life.

It will encourage you to let go of perfection, to start small, and to find inspiration in everyday living. This little book will challenge you to make the most of the time you do have. Time you can spend creating beauty and meaning – with your head, heart, and hands.

the playful family - coverThe Playful Family

Shawn Ledington Fink (Awesomely Awake), value $4.99 USD

The Playful Family encourages and challenges busy parents to slow down and spend quality time together with their children, regardless of their age. With nearly 100 ways to connect, engage and play together this easy-to-read e-book is a must-have resource for any parent interested in becoming more playful and happy while raising children. Each chapter includes dozens of ideas as well as a challenge to motivate families to put their own ideas to work in real life.


Poetry of a Hobo Mama, The First Three Years

Lauren Wayne (Hobo Mama), value $9.37 USD

Poetry of a Hobo Mama -front-cover-kindlePoetry of a Hobo Mama is a collection of poems by Lauren Wayne, inspired by the initial three years of parenting her firstborn son, Mikko.

I sling my baby like a bindle on my back,
tramping along the tracks
countless feet have worn before.

Poetry of a Hobo Mama contains three years’ worth of parenting poetry, written from the time Lauren and her husband, Sam, were preparing for Mikko, through watching him grow to three years old. She has included poems that speak of their natural parenting journey — breastfeeding, the family bed, elimination communication, and natural birth among them.

The book is a combination of free verse and more traditional poetry forms, and the topics and tone run through all the variations the poet felt when writing them: the grief of miscarriage, the anticipation of trying to conceive, the upheaval of the newborn months, the joy of parenting, and the balance of motherhood and personal passion.


Parenting for Social Change

Teresa Graham Brett (Parenting for Social Change), value $8.97 USD

parenting for social change - coverParenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World(2011, Social Change Press) is a powerful parenting book that isn’t about children, but about the harmful cultural messages we, as parents, perpetuate in our relationships with children. It addresses the work we as parents must do to free ourselves, the children who share our lives, and our world from those harmful messages.

The author, Teresa Graham Brett, uses current social science research to debunk the myth that controlling children is necessary to ensure they grow up to be healthy and responsible adults. She demonstrates how changing our parent-child relationships plays a critical role in creating social change. More importantly, it gives parents strategies and tools for letting go of harmful control of children.


encouraging words for kids - cover

Encouraging Words for Kids

Kelly Bartlett (Parenting From Scratch), value $2.99 USD

Encouraging Words for Kids gives parents over 150 examples of phrases to say that inspire a child’s confidence and self-motivation. Encouragement is about drawing forth a child’s own drive to work hard and do what’s right without being told; this book shows you how to get there. It is a guide that parents can turn to again and again whenever they need a dose of inspiration in creating positive communication with their kids.


Raising a Creative Kid, Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing That Creative Spark

Raising a Creative Kid - cover imageJilian Riley (A Mom With A Lesson Plan), value $7.99

Raising a Creative Kid:  Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that Creative Spark  is just what you need to transform your environment into a creativity growth center. With creative exercises following each of the  sections I have made moving into a creative lifestyle as easy as possible. Just like I do with everything else on amomwithalessonplan.com, I use and recommend materials that are inexpensive or free.


Children and Food

Tara Wagner (The Organic Sister), 72min audio + 39 page workbook, value $25 USD currently only available as part of The Organic Sisterhood

children and food - cover

This mini-toolkit helps you recreate the whole family’s experience with food. No more fighting at dinnertime. No more forcing or bribing. No more worrying about your child’s ability to make good choices. You’ll have the tools necessary to begin to release control, lean into Trust, and make mealtime a joyful and fun experience. But it starts with your own relationship with food. It includes:

  • 72 min audio: Describes the most important principles in raising healthy children and how to begin practicing them (Value: $200)
  • 39 page workbook: Packed full of exercises to help you DIG IN and put new traditions and experiences into place (Value: $40)
  • Covers everything from: how your experience with food affects your children and how to change that, how to meet the varying needs and tastes of the whole family without feeling like a “short order cook”, as well as tips, ideas, strategies, recipes, and more from me and other mindful mamas.


Coming Of Age: How To Stop Worrying About ‘The Talk’, and Start talking with Your Girl! (audio)

DeAnna L’am, 41 min. audio, value $27 USDtalk to her

  • Remember “The Talk” you received from your Mom, or your school’s nurse?
  • Remember how awkward you felt listening?
  • Wonder how you can do a better job with your girl?

If you would you like to feel relaxed, confident, and at ease when speaking with your girl about becoming a woman – this is for you!
You will experience a sense of CALM and PEACE within yourself; An INNER EASE about the girl YOU once were; A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of what your girl is feeling; SELF-TRUST going into any conversation with your girl; And a growing EASE in your relationship with her.
This down-loadable recording will deepen trust between you and your girl, and lay a foundation for lifelong openness between you!


The parenting primerThe Parenting Primer: A Guide to Positive Parenting in the First Six Years

Michelle Carchrae (The Parent Vortex), value $6.99 USD

The Parenting Primer is a guide to the main ideas and strategies used in gentle discipline. It will show you how attachment works to create harmony in families, empowering you to parent in a positive, creative way.

The Parenting Primer begins by looking at how love and limits influence our parenting, then explores other topics that affect our relationships with our children, such as information on brain development or personality, communication skills, lifestyle choices, creativity and self-discipline.



Mommy Overwhelm, A Holistic Approach to Parental Stress and Depression

Mommy overwhelm

Laura Schuerwegen (Authentic Parenting), 27 pages, value $2.99 USD, first-time opportunity, launch sale!

Mommy Overwhelm is a step-stone guide for parents who want to overcome daily overwhelm, stress and depression.

In this book, Laura draws from her own experience overcoming a longstanding depression to hand you the tools to heal. From strengthening foods and herbs to exercises and activities, this guide will kickstart your journey to happier, balanced parenting.


Unique Parenting Tool: Sleep Talking Set

Marcy Axnessvalue $13.95 USD

sleep talking

This set includes the Dr. Marcy Audio Coaching Session “Speaking to Your Child’s Subconscious” and companion eBooklet, A Unique 7-Step Parenting Tool: Sleep Talking.

Throughout my recent talks all over the world, what were SO many people interested in learning about? After hearing about the power of prenatal imprints, they wanted to know what parents could do when things didn’t go so smoothly in pregnancy, birth or around conception. I make it clear that repair & healing are ALWAYS possible at ANY age, and mentioned an somewhat out-of-the-box approach I’ve developed over my years of coaching parents — which includes talking to your child in his or her sleep.

They were so keen to learn, that I put together this primer in the power of the subconscious mind — and how to use it to create healing change. This 75-minute presentation includes a powerful guided imagery to use the power of imagination in making positive changes to parents’ own inner lives and childhood history. (It is an excerpt from / preview of the “Calm Authority for Parents” series.)


Mindful Mother CoverSpecial Bonus Freebie

The Mindful Mothering Challenge

Jennifer Saleem (Hybrid Rasta Mama)

This 57 page eBook takes mothers through 20 small steps designed to help them become more mindful mothers. Follow along with Jennifer’s journey as you begin your own. The Mindful Mothering Challenge will awaken your mothering, push you beyond your comfort zone, and deepen your connection with your children.

Just Added: API Live! Attachment Parenting International Teleseminar Series: “8 Principles of Attachment Parenting”

Teleseminar – (Attachment Parenting International), 2 hour teleseminar; value $38 USD

261656_4987606051246_1652354271_nAttachment Parenting isn’t new. In many ways, it is a return to the instinctual behaviors of our ancestors. In the last sixty years, the behaviors of attachment have been studied extensively by psychology and child development researchers, and more recently, by researchers studying the brain. This body of knowledge offers strong support for areas that are key to the optimal development of children, summarized in API’s Eight Principles of Parenting. Enjoy the exchange among the world’s leading experts in AP discussing API’s 8 Principles of Parenting, listen to their responses to questions of our time, and hear their answers to questions from the audience.

Panel experts include:

  • Dr. William Sears
  • Martha Sears
  • Dr. James McKenna
  • Ina May Gaskin
  • Dr. Isabelle Fox
  • Mary Ann Cahill
  • Barbara Nicholson
  • Lysa Parker

“AP is learning to read the cues of your child and responding appropriately. Open your heart and mind to the individual needs of your child. Let your knowledge of your child be your guide.”

~Dr. Bill Sears

— I will receive an affiliate fee if you purchase through my buy now buttons. You will not pay any more, but will be helping me maintain the website. Thank you for your support!

Boost And Revive Your Parenting With The Mindful Parenting eBundle Sale

I’m very excited to promote the Mindful Parenting eBundle Sale, organized by Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama, Lauren from Hobo Mama, and Laura from Authentic Parenting!

The Mindful Parenting eBundle consists of 21 titles by esteemed parenting authors. This is a handpicked selection of e-books, workshops, e-magazines, and audio, with themes such as creativity and play, peaceful guidance, mindfulness for mothers, children and food, self-care and relaxation, and more.

The total value of these, if you bought them all yourself would be US$236/ £155.95/ AUS$245.05.

This whole bundle is for sale between 28 May and 10 June 2013 for US$24.95/£16.49/AUS$25.90

I’ll share with you the list of contributors, then tell you what excites me about this bundle:



  1. Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Graham Brett
  2. A Unique 7-Step Parenting Tool: Sleep talking by Marcy Axness (I have personally used parts of this technique and seen benefits from it. I highly recommend it!)
  3. Relaxation Meditation, audio by Amy Phoenix of Presence Parenting (Amy Phoenix is amazing. She is so wise, I often turn to her for advice!)
  4. Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes of Positive Parents
  5. Issue three of the Play Grow Learn magazine by Christie Burnett of Childhood 101
  6. Getting Back on Track! Why We Explode and What We Can Do About it, audio by Genevieve Simperingham of Peaceful Parent Institute
  7. Stress Relief for parents, audio by Genevieve Simperingham of Peaceful Parent Institute
  8. Creative Play Workshop, email course by Gina Kimmel of Connecting Family and Seoul and Katherine Lockett of Creative Playhouse
  9. Mindset for Moms by Jamie Martin
  10. Moods of Motherhood by Lucy Pearce of Dreaming Aloud
  11. 42 Rules for Divorcing with Kids by Melinda Roberts
  12. Mommy Overwhelm by Laura Schuerwegen of Authentic Parenting
  13. Nurturing Creativity, Guide for Busy Parents by Renee Tougas of Tougas Café
  14. The Playful Family by Shawn Ledington Fink
  15. Poetry of a Hobo Mama by Lauren Wayne of Hobo Mama
  16. Encouraging Words for Kids by Kelly Bartlett of Parenting From Scratch – I wrote about this book last year. It’s fantastic. One of my favourite ever!)
  17. Raising a Creative Kid by Jillian Riley of A Mom With a Lesson Plan
  18. Children and Food by Tara Wagner of The Organic Sister
  19. Coming of Age, audio by DeAnna L’Am
  20. The Parenting Primer, A Guide to Positive Parenting in the First Six Years by Michelle Carchae of The Parent Vortex
  21. A lovely freebie by Jennifer Saleem of Hybrid Rasta Mama: The Mindful Mothering Challenge.
There’s so much to learn and gain from this bundle, I cannot wait to get started reading!

This bundle is available from MAY 28 to JUNE 10.



Free And Almost Free Resources For Outdoor Activities In The UK

I know in this weather I’d much rather be snuggled up under a sofa reading a book than stomping around cold and damp countryside with a baby and toddler in tow – or more realistically, chasing down a toddler while the baby and I try to keep up. Unfortunately, however, my children aren’t game for endless hours indoors, and I realise that I am better at getting outdoors when I’m motivated to do so.

And that motivation comes easily in the form of a host of free online resources to get little ones out and about, often helping the environment or nature conservation agencies in the process, so don some rainboots, grab an umbrella, pack a lunch and meet some friends in your local patch of green, and use these free resources to get yourself and your little ones outdoors.

** Click here for Free Resources in the United States from Charise from I Thought I Knew Mama

Here are just some to get you started:

This is a fantastic website, and probably my favourite of the five, so I’m listing it here first while I still have you excited. On this website, parents set up a profile and are given 50 ‘tasks’ for their children to do before they are 11 and three quarter years old. As they tick off the activities on the child’s own profile, they collect badges and when you’ve accomplished all 50 activities, there’s a ‘secret surprise’ waiting for you. We’re still working our way towards 50, so I can’t tell you what it is yet! It’s such a lovely, interactive website, with great ideas that can be sorted by weather too, so they give you plenty of ideas, no matter the weather. You can also upload photos of your child completing their activity, but these remain private.

This list is not area specific, so you can do it no matter where you live or go on holiday.

The RSPB Awards scheme is all about helping out the RSPB, but doing it in a fun and educational way. There are three levels to the awards and the 33 prescribed activities give you points, which add up to a bronze, silver or gold award. These can be tackled as part of a group, a family, a homeschool or you can join

Citizen Surveys are exactly what they sound like – surveys performed by the public, and submitted on the Natural History Museum website.

Whether you are interested in insects, birds, reptiles or amphibians, here  you can help the UK’s experts to map the biodiversity of the UK.

As well as the surveys that the Museum runs, there are many other national wildlife surveys happening all over the UK. This list is updated as and when new ones are launched, but there’s enough already on the go to keep you busy till Springtime!

The Woodlands Trust Nature’s Calendar project is all about climate change. Every sighting that’s listed on the calendar is valuable to scientist who are carefully tracking changes in the earth’s patterns. You can update your information by smartphone or online and there are loads of FREE wildlife packs to download. These include guides such as foraging and activity packs.

If that’s all a bit high brow or not really age appropriate, there’s also Nature Detectives

The Woodlands Trust gives parents a long list of resources to use in different seasons. Right now you can download the First Signs of Spring worksheets among loads of others.  

If you’re interested in Pond Conservation, this website has all the information you’ll ever need from how to make one to how to identify what’s in your pond. A great resource for all things pond. You can also complete surveys on what you can find in your pond and when you find them to help scientists map the biodiversity of our pond life

The Wildlife Watch is an annual membership programme, through which you will receive loads of goodies. There’s a starter pack and four issues of Wildlife Watch magazine a year to start with. They’re full of pictures, puzzles, competitions and you get a free pull-out wildlife poster with each issue. Many Wildlife Trusts also send members a local publication containing details on local events and nature activities

There’s still a lot of free activities on the website that you can access without being a member, with great ideas for convening with nature – like build a bat box, grow your own tree, or a guide to feeding birds.

It’s slightly different from the rest, but the blog Nurture Store has some amazing resources and fun ideas for getting children outdoors.

Are there more resources that you use for getting outdoors? Leave a link in the comment section and I’ll update this list!


Can You Help Me Out?

It’s that time of year again – MAD blog awards nominations are open. Acutally, they are almost closing, but what with everything that’s been going on here in Australia, with sickness, babies, birth, friends, treatments and heat waves, I pretty much haven’t had much chance to hound ask or beg plead for your nominations!

I have been nominated two years in a row, so here’s hoping for a third and maybe even a win, eh? It means you, my dearest readers, have to vote though!MAD Blog Awards

Voting closes on Monday, 18th, so don’t delay. The categories Diary of a First Child qualifies for are:

  • Blog of the year
  • Best baby blog
  • Best blog writer
  • Best family life blog
Votes in other categories won’t be counted, so rather than having you waste them, here are a few of my favourite ‘Attachment Parent UK bloggers’ you could vote for:
Twisting Vines – Juliet is a recent addition to the NPN Volunteers and you could particularly vote for her in the best Food or best Frugal Family categories
Smiling Like Sunshine – Isil is an ex-NPNer too, and her blog is perfect for Best Schooldays Blog, a fantastic resource for books, and Montesorri style fun
The Mule – The Mule is an a fantastic blog taking an analytical look at… pretty much everything Attachment Parenting. She’s a fantastic contender for the Best Blog Writer category
Analytical Armadillo – A really intense blog with lots of well researched posts with great passion and power behind them. If you ever need definitive info, go here, and you’ll see why I think AA could be voted Best Blog Writer.
Attachment Mummy would definitely appreciate votes in the Best Blog Writer category too, but you can vote for her in Best Family Fun too.
Live Otherwise – Jax is one of the first bloggers I met, and she’s a home schooling mama rockstar and her blog probably qualifies for many of the same as mine! You can nominate her for Best Schooldays Blog, Best Family Life Blog and Best Blog Writer.
Mama UK – one of those blogs I read every single post of. If my life could be half as idyllic as hers looks that would be awesome. Definitely a candidate for Best Schooldays or Best Family Life.
Taking Time – Gentle Mothering is probably my favourite blog, ever. Starr is taking a break right now, but I’m hoping a flood of votes will bring her back to my RSS feed.
oh and…
New Mum Online – Liska is such a lovely mum, blogger and person. She totally belongs on this list, but sadly, she doesn’t want to be nominated. Check out her blog and her new blog anyway.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few people. I’ll have to think about it and get back to you, but those are the AP mamas on my radar.

Praise Vs Encouragement – Encouraging Words For Kids

A new Facebook follower,Kelly Bartlett , recently caught my attention when I saw her title as ‘writer’. I followed her profile till I found a book she’d written, Encouraging Words For Kids. I then found it on Amazon for Kindle and read it and it was so good, I want to share it with you. (Click here to find it on Amazon UK and here for Amazon US*)

Update 2017: The book doesn’t seem to be available on Kindle anymore. You can find it here for Nook or here for iTunes.

First, let me explain why I’m awestruck by this book.

I’ve never understood the point of people who don’t praise their children. I’ve always thought it a bit cold, and mean-spirited, and to be honest, quite damaging. Encouraging Words for Kids explains the whole ‘no praise’ philosophy so incredibly well, and rather than being a difficult study in human development, it offers alternatives and is so practical in it’s presentation, I find myself quite taken aback by it. Honestly, if all things parenting could be laid out so clearly, there would be a whole lot less unhappiness between parents!

The book consists of about 35 pages, and is super easy to read, so it won’t take long, doesn’t include a lot of unnecessary waffle, but is straight to the point and informative. Each chapter explains the why, and then it offers suggestions of phrases you could use, and finally, a real life example of an actual interaction between a parent and child, which I found really helpful.

Encouraging Words For Kids

The amazing thing for me is that while I was reading it, I started putting it into practice with three year old Ameli, and guess what? It really worked! Ameli often starts things – craft projects, playing games and so on, and just as often ends abruptly, a few minutes into playing: especially if I comment on how good she’s being and how well she’s playing on her own. I thought that it was the fact that I was drawing attention to my not engaging with her at that time that made her stop, but now I realise that’s not the case. In this particular example – similar to one in the book – Ameli was busy drawing a train. She drew the wheels and showed me her picture. Rather than my usual “that’s good darling”, cueing the end of her drawing I said something like, “Those are enough wheels for a very big train. What else do you think a train needs?”

As I understand it, she saw that I was interested, she saw that I had noticed what she’d done well, and she was able to think for herself what else the train needed. She came back each time after adding something to the train, but she eventually was talking to herself, saying things like – I think the train needs a whistle, and I think it needs a chimney.

I was awestruck how well it had worked and how much my first attempt had gotten out of her. And she was so proud of her train in the end too, and when she believed she was finished with it I was able to say how much I liked her train (rather than just ‘that’s nice’ or ‘well done’ to an unfinished set of wheels.)

Encouraging Words For Kids points out one of the problems with praise being temporary, short lived and that it creates in a child the need for constant affirmation, rather than being able to find approval of their actions within themselves.

“Simple praise feels good in the moment, but to have a long lasting effect, it must be constantly provided”

In contrast, encouragement communicates “unconditional acceptance between parents and children and have long lasting value.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never understood why you wouldn’t want to praise your child’s actions, but I realised in reading Encouraging Words For Kids that it’s not about that at all! Rather, its about making the praise have longer term effects.

 “After all, that’s why he’s showing you his achievements. It’s not because he needs an evaluation of his work, it’s because he’s proud of himself. So focus on his pride – not yours”

I think Bartlett allays all my fears about not praising my children, and sums the whole crux of why encouragement over praise is so important up in two paragraphs:

“By opting for encouragement over praise, you’re not ignoring your children’s accomplishments or communicating that they don’t matter. Encouragement is simply about keeping your responses focused on a child’s efforts and feelings as opposed to the outcomes of the behavior.

Encouraging words not only reassure kids during times of success, but also in times of disappointment. Instead of looking to a parent for affirmation, kids are able to decide how they feel about themselves and what they need to do. Their failures and successes, as they should be, are about them and not anyone else.”

There are so many paragraphs from this book that I could share with you, but I think I’ll leave it there for now. What I will tell you is that it has entirely changed my perceptions on praise, and has explained an entire theory in a very easy to read, 35-ish page book, and halfway through reading I’ve been able to identify changes to make, implement those changes, and immediately see results in my three year old.

The only negative I can point to with Encouraging Words For Kids is that it’s only available for Kindle at the moment. It really needs to be available in print form too because in my view, it really deserves a wider audience. ( You can download Free Kindle reader Apps for your phone etc though)

If you’re able to read it via Kindle or any of the Kindle Apps, I’m pretty confident, even though we’re all different parents with different views and different circumstances, that it’s among the best £2 /$3 you’ll spend in your parenting journey.

*At the current price of this book I will earn about 9p if you buy through this link, however this is a personal, unsponsored recommendation – I bought the book myself too.