It’s that time of year again – MAD blog awards nominations are open. Acutally, they are almost closing, but what with everything that’s been going on here in Australia, with sickness, babies, birth, friends, treatments and heat waves, I pretty much haven’t had much chance to hound ask or beg plead for your nominations!

I have been nominated two years in a row, so here’s hoping for a third and maybe even a win, eh? It means you, my dearest readers, have to vote though!

Voting closes on Monday, 18th, so don’t delay. The categories Diary of a First Child qualifies for are:

  • Blog of the year
  • Best baby blog
  • Best blog writer
  • Best family life blog
Votes in other categories won’t be counted, so rather than having you waste them, here are a few of my favourite ‘Attachment Parent UK bloggers’ you could vote for:
Twisting Vines – Juliet is a recent addition to the NPN Volunteers and you could particularly vote for her in the best Food or best Frugal Family categories
Smiling Like Sunshine – Isil is an ex-NPNer too, and her blog is perfect for Best Schooldays Blog, a fantastic resource for books, and Montesorri style fun
The Mule – The Mule is an a fantastic blog taking an analytical look at… pretty much everything Attachment Parenting. She’s a fantastic contender for the Best Blog Writer category
Analytical Armadillo – A really intense blog with lots of well researched posts with great passion and power behind them. If you ever need definitive info, go here, and you’ll see why I think AA could be voted Best Blog Writer.
Attachment Mummy would definitely appreciate votes in the Best Blog Writer category too, but you can vote for her in Best Family Fun too.
Live Otherwise – Jax is one of the first bloggers I met, and she’s a home schooling mama rockstar and her blog probably qualifies for many of the same as mine! You can nominate her for Best Schooldays Blog, Best Family Life Blog and Best Blog Writer.
Mama UK – one of those blogs I read every single post of. If my life could be half as idyllic as hers looks that would be awesome. Definitely a candidate for Best Schooldays or Best Family Life.
Taking Time – Gentle Mothering is probably my favourite blog, ever. Starr is taking a break right now, but I’m hoping a flood of votes will bring her back to my RSS feed.
oh and…
New Mum Online – Liska is such a lovely mum, blogger and person. She totally belongs on this list, but sadly, she doesn’t want to be nominated. Check out her blog and her new blog anyway.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few people. I’ll have to think about it and get back to you, but those are the AP mamas on my radar.

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