If you want to make a real impact for someone’s birthday or for Valentine’s day, then few gifts are able to match a well-chosen piece of jewellery. If you make the right decision, your item will evoke a sense of nostalgia every time it’s worn, and it’ll assume instant sentimental value. If it also looks stunning, then so much the better!

Selecting the right item, however, can often be tricky because jewellery is such a personal choice. Here, we’ll look at the qualities to look for in a memorable jewellery-gift for a loved one.

What’s their taste?

A good way to gauge their taste is to look at the sort of thing they’re already wearing. If they already own plenty of silver jewellery that’s accented with purple flowers, then following the existing trend is likely to go down well. Not only are they more likely to wear it, but they’ll see and appreciate that you’re paying attention! Halo diamond engagement rings Sydney are popular and timeless.

Do you want to buy a ring?

If you aren’t going to be proposing, rings represent a little bit of a minefield, as they run the risk of sending the wrong message. You’ll also need to have an idea of sizing, which means borrowing a ring and taking it to a jewelry store like https://store.museumofjewelry.com/collections/sapphire/ for matching. Rings can be adjusted after you’ve bought them, but this means a little bit of extra hassle.

If you are proposing, however, the right diamond cluster ring is sure to impress!

Where will the jewellery be worn?

It’s worth considering the practical setting in which the jewellery will be worn. If it’s for daily wear, like a wedding ring, consider getting handmade wedding rings at https://diamondjewellerystudio.com.au/. Something that looks good in isolation might be cumbersome and irritating if worn often, and thus it’ll end up gathering dust. Dangling earrings and glittering necklaces might not be quite right for the office, so why not opt for simple diamond studs instead, like the ones from Windsor Fine Jewelers?

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The fact that you might be shopping for a Valentine’s present needn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by birthstones. Look up the appropriate stone and buy jewellery to match.

If you want to be romantic for Valentine’s, then you’ll find plenty of romantic- themed jewellery such as love hearts in most jewellers, however don’t be afraid to leave the hearts behind and go for something different – one of the most meaningful jewellery gifts I’ve ever received was from a boyfriend I spent many, many hours walking through the woods with: a silver leaf pendant on a silver chain, a gift I’ll never forget.

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