Some of the best times parents and kids have is when they’re taking part in fun activities together. Of course anyone loves a day at a theme park or movies and then head straight to a pizza restaurant. However, if you’re on a budget, even those fun activities can lose their sheen when you’re forking over more and more money in the pursuit of happy memories.

Here are some of our favourite activities to do as a family that cost little to nothing, but we all enjoy. 

Fun Free Activities

A trip to the park

Although it’s nice to treat the family to a lavish day out, often a simple trip to the park can be just as enjoyable and much less stressful. There are all kinds of activities you can do at your local park. One of our local parks has a skate ramp and a basketball court. Another has outdoor gym equipment. To maintain the quality of this, a gym equipment service must be hired. If you find that your home gym equipment is no longer serving your needs, consider a hassle-free way to part with it by selling to buyers from Sell My Gym Equipment. And for reliable repair solutions, visit – Your Repair Solution.

When I see what some of those kids can do on scooters, I’m tempted buy some, but considering I’m likely to have to drag them up the hill I might have to invest in an electric scooter for kids. They’ll have hours of fun and I can enjoy sitting back watching them wear themselves out!

A cosy day in

You don’t even need to leave the house to enjoy a fun-filled family day. In the colder, wetter months, why not spend a few days indoors having a nice cosy day? You could play board games together, watch films or even have an afternoon of baking fun. A day indoors really doesn’t need to be boring.

While it’s recommended you spend as much time outdoors as possible with the kids for their health and wellbeing, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional day in together when the weather is bad outside.  

Create an obstacle course

If you want to really have fun together while tiring the kids out, you could create an obstacle course. This can be done both indoors and outdoors so it’s a great idea for all weathers.

Ideally, you’ll want to set a course up outdoors as you and the kids can do a lot more outside without fear of breaking anything.  However, indoors you could also set up a mini course, throwing a ball into the washing basket or laying a ladder on the ground and hopping through it.

These are just a very small collection of activities you and the kids can partake in together. Regardless of the weather, there’s always plenty of entertainment to be had which doesn’t necessarily involve a screen or technology or much money. What are your favourite free family activities?


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