You don’t have to look far on the blog to find that the kids are huge fans on Project MC2. They’ve been asking for the Ultimate Lab Kit for ages and we’ve finally managed to get make that little wish come true.

Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit Review

In the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit you’ll find:

  • A real working microscope with 4x power
  • 3 glass slides
  • 2 test tubes with stands
  • a funnel
  • beaker jar
  • 3 lab flasks
  • 15 pH strips
  • a pipette dropper
  • petri dish
  • safety goggles
  • Project Mc2 ring
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • a booklet with 15 experiments

Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit

I gotta say, for the £20- odd this kit will set you back, it’s really good value for money. It comes with loads of kit and the activity book with it’s experiments and tests will keep you busy for a while and save you a fortune on the individual science kits. The experiments in the booklet include:

Make a cloud in a jar
Make fake boogers
Pepper & water art
Foam dough
Chromatography black magic
Traveling water
Rainbow in a jar
Make bio-plastic
Plastic bottle prank
Giant gummy bears
Crazy colours milk

You obviously have to add the ‘ingredients’ but there’s nothing totally weird – pretty much red cabbage and cotton string were the only things we didn’t have in the house – which makes a nice change too.

Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit Review Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit Review

The microscope is cute and it does work, but think of it more as a magnifying glass than an actual microscope. It is a toy, after all, but it’s great for getting your kids playing at being scientists! The funnels and flasks and petri dishes and other kit are really good quality and can be used across all sorts of science experiments, which I’ve found is great on saving my kitchen equipment! Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit Review

The Ultimate Lab Kit sells for around £20 at a variety of toy stores and online. You can find it on Amazon here:

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