Pregnancy is a very confusing time. It’s not the prospect of bringing a child in to the world, or having to child proof the house or anything like that. It’s not even the emotions involved, the joy, the fear and the uncertainty or the expectation. It’s non of that. It’s the physical stuff that I find confusing.

The bleeding continued yesterday, very slightly not even a lot, just pink enough to show up, until the evening when there was no more than a few drops of deep red blood. I know that worrying about it doesn’t help the situation, so you take a few deep breaths and try to calm your mind and carry on. I thought I was okay, till I got in to bed and started crying. Martin is as supportive as someone who knows as much as I do about all this can be. It’s terrifying, not knowing. Is our little Button’s heart still beating? Is it safe?

Our little baby is so much a part of our lives already

We stood in the study yesterday, mentally rearranging the furniture so that there’s space for a crib and a chest of drawers. Our little baby is so much a part of our lives already, and not knowing, just not knowing… well that is the scary, the confusing part.

Martin put his arms around me and held me, until I fell asleep.


Confusion and Tears

  1. I can only imagine how scared you must be but you must have hope, and I am sooo sure that everything will go just fine with you and your little button Lots of Love Catherine XXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Hang in there sweety… I know its a tough time for you right now… Its OK to cry, pregnancy is such an emotional time even when things are going well, its normal to worry and cry… We’re all thinking of you and your Little Button and hoping and praying that all is OK with you both… Love Nicky xxx

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