I’ve been a believer in alternative therapies most of my life. From lavender bath oil to homeopathy, I firmly believe that there’s method in the madness, and a form of science, albeit alternative science, in the methodology of alternative medicine. I have in recent years become a follower of Dr. Edward Bach.

He developed 38 remedies based on flowers found in England and Wales. The remedies are not meant to be for physical healing, as in homeopathy, but works with the root cause of emotional problems. Dr Bach felt that most diseases are caused by emotional imbalances, and as such could be treated by treating the emotion.Bach Flower Remedies

** Please note this is not medical advice. I am not a medical practitioner. Though Bach Flower Remedies are safe in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for use in children, please do your own research and make your own decisions on this** 

I signed up for a course on Bach Flower Remedies some time ago as I’d like to become a practitioner, and this morning I decided I need to start practicing on myself! So, here are the remedies that I am going to start taking, with a description of what they are for:

Mimulus Plant
Mimulus Plant

Mimulus: for known fears, in my case, the fear of losing my baby

Red Chestnut: for over concern for others, as in for the safety of my child

Red Chestnut
Red Chestnut
Impatiens: for the rising impatience and irritation I’ve been feeling

Olive: to combat the feelings of exhaustion. When it doesn’t help, I just use Instant Consult to speak to a doctor and get the help I need

Hornbeam: to combat that “Monday morning” feeling, the lack of motivation that I’ve been experiencing recently and finally, the best known of the Bach remedies, the Bach Rescue Remedy for when the ‘down feelings’ get to me! Obviously I won’t have them all all the time, but interchange them as I need them. I’m sure that will help me focus more on the good things, which will help the baby too.

More Bach Remedies For Pregnancy

Remedies such as Scleranthus, Walnut, Hornbeam, Crab Apple, or Cherry Plum are good for coping with the emotional ups and downs , the changes in sleep patterns and fluctuating energy levels during this time.

  • Elm is good for overwhelm
  • White Chestnut for worrying thoughts
  • Impatiens is recommended for feelings of irritability and is particularly helpful if your due date comes and goes.

Bach Remedies For Labour

  • Impatiens

    Have some Larch  on hand if labour is taking a long time and the mother needs some ‘can do it’ strength.

  • Also, Gentian can renew optimism.
  • In a long labour Olive relieves emotional and mental exhaustion, while
  • Sweet Chestnut will boost your inner strength.
  • And of course, Rescue Remedy, particularly in chewable gummy  form can be used for a general state of calm – for both mother and birth partners!

Try this quiz to see which remedies would be best for you – I’ve always found it really helpful!

I’m realising how important it is to listen to my body at the moment. There can be something that I’ve always loved that now, just the thought of makes me nauseas. Like cheese. I don’t think I go through many days where I don’t have cheese, but now, the thought makes my stomach turn. Or chicken. Martin made himself chicken sandwich for lunch today. It smelled great, but the thought of eating it – well that makes me lunge head first for the bathroom!

Week 7
Week 7

Baby update, week 7-ish

Oddly enough, the only thing I want to eat, and all I desire to eat is potatoes and sweet potatoes! I’ve always liked the odd baked potato, but right now I’m guessing my body is craving potassium. It seems, though, that rooibos tea and potatoes are all that don’t make me feel sick! Don’t worry, (mom!!) I had a large plate of vegetables last night, but still, I really only wanted a potato!

This should be an interesting week. This is my seventh week of pregnancy and my baby is starting to look more human-like and is now about the size of a large grape, about 10,000 times bigger than the size of the fertilised egg. The face is beginning to form, nostrils, lips and a mouth with a tongue appear. The eyes are visible under a thin membrane of skin. The baby’s brain has formed with two distinct hemispheres. Along the back, a spinal column is visible and bones are beginning to form. The limbs have lengthened and there are obvious knee and elbow joints. Fingers are well defined, but are webbed and there are ridges on the feet that will become the toes. All the buds of the baby’s non-permanent teeth have formed. All the organs have started to form and are in the right position.

Now I just hope the little Button holds on!


Healthy Options for Healthy Babies – Bach Flower Remedies

  1. True, absolutely excellent advise re the juicing. Get a recipe book on juicing or check out the net, Just warm it in the microwave,take the chill of it) you dont need to cook it ,preferably not.
    good advise Deshaine

  2. The Pregnancy Period: Mother & Baby Safety

    Pregnancy is generally associated with joy. Safety should also be a primary concern during the pregnancy period.

    The first three months of the pregnancy period require particular care. Mothers-to-be should try to avoid medication for the nausea that is linked with pregnancy. They should learn as much as they can about pregnancy so that they are well prepared for the hormonal and body changes, mood swings, etc.

    A happy atmosphere should be maintained around the pregnant mother-to-be. She should eat well, exercise – and get ready to enjoy her motherhood!

  3. Hey Lush. I bought a blender, and getting all my veggies a day is very easy now. Throw in a lot of brocolli and spinach etc , with some turnips which makes soup very tasty! It’s easier to slurp a bowl of soup sometimes, than eating a whole plate of veggies. It’s still filling, but you actually get in more veggies than you woulda eaten by chewing.xxx

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