I have been finding myself increasingly irritated by the sheer amount of toys lying around the house. Now, I know all you seasoned mammas are just shaking your heads and telling me to get used to it, but let’s face it: Ameli is only three months old! So getting all our boxes ready for the recycling bin, I had an idea.

When Ameli was born, one of the myriad gifts she received was a bunny teddy (bear) from the Build a Bear Workshop. It came housed in an uber cute box and its very own birth certificate. (Honestly, the gimmicks that we fall for!)

The box has a front door, including a slot for the post, and windows above the door, and in the walls on either side. The windows have (painted on) flower boxes, drain pipes, a reclining chair and a beehive and comes complete with a tiled slanted roof.

I decided to cut up a plastic Christmas decoration box that was going in the bin to fill in the ‘windows’ on the box, and use the box for all the soft toys lying around the house.


At least now when Ameli goes to bed I can just pop the toys in the box, and have a soft toy free evening, and start the day in a fresh and tidy room.

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Reused Teddy Toy Box

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