I was elated recently to find that I had been listed along with other fantastic natural parenting bloggers as one of the top 10 family blogs on Technorati.com, an internet search engine for searching blogs. I was infomed by friends on Twitter that this was actually a pretty big deal, so I thought a thank you was in order.

This website is just not about awards, freebies, goodies, events or allaying monotony, although those things are often lovely side effects. What it is about, though, is sharing information, straight and in a plain way, for other first-time and sometimes not even first-time, mothers.

It’s also about documenting our journey as a Technorati #7 Top 100 Family Blogs (even misspelt!)family, but doing it in a way that helps anyone who wants to learn. It would be so much less if it wasn’t for those of you who read it, and it is your encouraging comments and emails that fill me with purpose every time I log on.

“I’d rather pay attention to a fellow mum who’s done her research and is simply offering an alternative, than a doctor dishing out meds with one eye on the clock” – Uju, Babes About Town

“You have certainly changed my mind about a few things and I’m am very thankful for that, I may not always agree with what you do, but in the very least, it has led me to read and find out about things!” – Andrea, Life As I Know It

“I love that there is an online community of mom bloggers from whom I continue to learn so much. So for every look of concern you get over mentioning something like co-sleeping, there’s probably someone like me reading one of your posts and nodding along in solidarity. “ – Navelgazing Bajan

Comments like these, and so many more, make my day.

Thank you so much for your valuable and continued support. It means so much to me.



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A Top 10 Technorati Moment

  1. That is SO cool (The Techornati thing). Wonder where I rank. Does Technorati have a “clearance” department? A basement? 🙂
    .-= Franticmommy´s last blog ..YOU KNOW YOU’RE A COMMITTED BLOGGER WHEN =-.

  2. Hey! Congratulations on your Top 10 Technorati moment. Yes, it really IS a big thing. Your blog deserves it! Greetings all the way from Italy, via SITS Saturday Sharefest.

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