In the past, when there was no other way of helping a baby to be birthed besides using forceps, there was a high risk of causing a birth injury. This would usually occur when the risk of cesarean deliveries was high, and pulling the fetus out was impossible. Nowadays, forceps are only ever used in the final stages of delivery and have a very minimal risk of injuring the fetus.

In comparison, birth injuries are a lot less now than before with improvements being made in the prenatal assessments and using technologies such as Ultrasonography with minimal use of forceps. However, birth injuries in some cases still do happen and the side effects are devastating.

Financial compensation can be reached if you work with experts in the field. Not many mothers know this but the process of claiming for a birth injury is no different than claiming on your insurance. Specialist solicitors from Bell Lamb & Joynson can help and will speak to you about it, and retrieve all the detailed information necessary to fight for you. A personal injury lawyer Detroit can also help assess the situation thoroughly with an independent medical professional. and provide you with expert legal advice.

We look at a few of the common birth injuries that newborns can experience below.

Common Birth Injuries in Newborn Babies

Head Molding

This is not necessarily an injury; however, it is the change in the shape of the baby’s head whilst being delivered. Because the process entails the head being the first part to enter the birth canal, the skull bones are still not fixed in position resulting in an elongated head pushed through the canal making it easier for the fetus to pass through. This type of issue does not affect the brain and the head shape usually becomes rounded over several days.

Accumulation of Blood

Bleeding on the outside of the skull bones can lead to a buildup of blood either below or above the periosteum or a thick fibrous covering of one of the skull bones. A mother can also be injured during birth, can suffer ongoing issues such as pain and may need surgery. If this is the case, one can opt for Birth Injury claims from any one of the medical negligence claims experts.

Scalp Scratches

These can occur when instruments like forceps are used, and sometimes a vacuum extractor is used during delivery. As well as bruising or swelling of the scalp.

Scalp Fracture

The fracturing of one of the bones of the skull can happen during or before a birth process. This could lead to a depressed fracture or indentation if not treated.


This occurs when blood accumulates below the periosteum. Cephalohematomas can feel soft and have a likelihood of increasing in size after birth. Even though they do not require treatment, they do need to be checked regularly by a pediatrician if they start to drain fluid or become red and leave a bump on the scalp.

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer will help to ease the frustrations of having to suffer not only from the pain and injury of you or your baby but can also help compensate you financially for any medical bills going forward. Vibrant, diverse city called Linden, NJ has some of the best personal injury lawyers . Personal injury lawyers can also hold negligent health care workers accountable for harming your baby. Therefore, consult a personal injury lawyer when this happens.

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