We’ve had such an unbelievably relaxed week – there  have been no agendas, no to do lists and no rushing around. We’ve built a puzzle, played board games, lain by the pool. It’s been a strange kind of blissful.

Day 326 – Discovering Water

I love this series of pictures. Ameli toddled off away, trying to flee us, but her attention was grabbed by this little stream of water. She sat grabbing at it, then pondered, looked over at me and finally, bent down and drank. It was so very cute to behold!

Finding water without the waterstick

Day 327 – Captive

A couple of wild ostraches broke the fence and made their way to the chalets. They’re quite viscious, especially during mating season – when their shins go red – so we stayed put and watched them until they finally left.


Day 328 -  A Moment In Time

I took this as my sister and brother  came walking up the hill with Ameli and my dad watching and waiting for them. It felt so ‘normal’, like a ‘normal’ family who see each other regularly and don’t inhabit four continents between the five of them. I wanted to remember the moment where life felt ‘normal’.

Captured in time

Day 329 – Sunshine and Lollipops

The pool staff gave Ameli a sucker and she tucked into it like a pro. You’d think she regularly receives them – which she doesn’t. It was a sticky mess, but she loved it.

Sunshine and Lollipop

Day 330 – Mist And Rain

Staying in the mountains you’re bound to have drastic weather changes from time to time. Ameli and I climbed the mountain (you can just see the resort in the background of the main image). It was lovely but cold. Her poor nose went all red. The flowers were just there, on the path, and I thought they were pretty. The middle picture is of my sister and brother. We sat down to lunch in the sunshine and moments later that was the sky behind us.  From the top of the mountain, there’s the resort and the dam covered in mist.

Misty rainy days

Day 331 – On The Water

A sunny day again, so we went out on a barge cruise. It was beautiful. The water there is a fantastic aquamarine colour unlike I’m used to seeing in South Africa – it’s usually reserved for Alpine dams and rivers, but for the same reason: the water flows from high mountain springs, pooling here unpolluted before feeding the rivers of two different provinces.

On the water

Day 332 – Men In The Sun

Not something I see every day: my brother, father and husband lounging in the sun.

Men's white legs

Thanks for joining us once again for our week in pictures!


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