You may not have noticed this, thanks to the wonder that is scheduling on WordPress, but I have actually not been around much lately. In fact, I’ve spent so little time online, I sometimes feel a little sad as my online life, with my vast friendship group therein, takes a backseat to my ‘real life’.  It seems, just as in real life, life goes on without you when you’re not looking.

Anyway…  here’s the reason why I’ve not been around much. After 11 months of travelling, visiting, holidays, houseshares, living at the mercy of friends and family, and in a tent, we have finally found, and moved into a new house. It has taken me six days of steady unpacking, with toddler on the hip and maintaining my work schedule, to get this far – and this is everything that still needs packing, unpacking, repacking and sorting. Thankfully we have a garage here that we don’t need, since there’s plenty parking, so we’ll have storage space.

I can’t wait till we’re settled, have a few pictures on the walls, and it actually starts to feel like home. Then maybe we can meet a few mothers in the area, and start over in our new old lives.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pics

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