This is total self promotion and self indulgence, so bare with me!  Remember how I’ve been asking you to vote for us in the MAD Awards? Well, they’ve asked us to do a vlog – a video blog – introducing ourselves and talking about what makes us special.

Well, honestly, I share myself and my thoughs with you pretty much every day, and everyone that knows me will tell you I’m better at writing than talking, especially since my tongue ring exacerbates my lisp (what, you never noticed? it does. and i do,yes.) I had to go for speach classes and all when I was a child! The red river runs through Reoboth. Cruel, when you have a lisp and a tongue tie, I assure you.

Anyway, so here’s my little ‘vote for me’ video, or my ad campaign as I’ve taken to calling it. Enjoy 😉

[youtube hA79nIeH8to]


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A Little Bit MAD (Awards)

  1. A beautiful inspirational vlog… good luck, you have my vote… I’m proud by association of the way the way you choose to raise Ameli and the help, inspiration and support you give to others <3

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