Baby Mule Changing Bag Competition


While going out these days usually entails just a change of nappies in a handbag or in the Smart Trike carry bag, I have really enjoyed trialling a couple of nappy bags we’ve been sent recently.

My first thought on the Babymule changing bag was that it was too big for our purposes until I needed to go out for a day and take my laptop along.  The Baby Mule is a perfect overnight bag, or day trip bag, and is ideal for doubling as a laptop bag.

There are loads of pockets, which is great for those early days when you seem to carry a little bit of everything and probably my favourite feature of this nappy bag, as a baby wearer, is the fact that it turns into a backpack! I can’t tell you how often I moaned about having to carry a nappy bag over my shoulder while I had my baby in a sling, so this is fantastic in my world!

This is really spacious nappy bag too. On a day trip or overnight trip, there’s space for a whole day’s worth of reusable nappies, wipes, a jumper, and toys for the train journey, a camera, laptop, my make-up bag and purse.

The straps for the backpack are hidden behind a zip in the nappy bag, so when you want to convert it, it’s a simple process, and when you just want an over the shoulder bag, there are no backpack straps to trip over.

Included in the changing bag are a neoprene bottle warmer/cooler, a wet bag, a changing pouch for a few nappies or wipes and an easy clean changing mat. There’s a front pocket, a side pocket with a key ring, two large compartments with internal pockets. There are also hidden buggy clips with adjustable straps. You can watch the video to see how it all fits in together.

On top of all that, I think this is a pretty nappy bag. It’s not girly, not frilly, and not cutesy, but it is stylish and attractive – in my opinion, at least!

The only drawback for the Baby Mule nappy gab is that the main compartments do not unzip all the way, so yo

u can’t open it fully. I find if I need something at the bottom of the bag, that can be a proble and I have to unpack till I get to it.

All in all, I love the Baby Mule. It is a fantastic overnight baby bag, and awesome if you have a mobile office on the go as it’s big enough for a large sized laptop too.

The Baby Mule changing bag is £84.00 from Baby Mule.


To stand a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me your favourite feature of the Baby Mule nappy bag.

The competition runs until 23:59 on 1 August 2011 and the winner will be randomly drawn using

You can follow Baby Mule (and Diary of a First Child) on Facebook. If you do, be sure to let them (Baby Mule) know I sent you, and leave a comment below to tell me you have.

The winner is: Jenny!

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114 thoughts on “Baby Mule Changing Bag Competition

  1. baby changing bags

    I like the idea that this baby changing bag can be use as a laptop storage as well.

  2. celineanavocci

    Great Idea…now i know what to give my sister-in-law when the baby love comes out! ^_^ whoo! im excited! haha

  3. Susie

    Since we are short of storage space, I love the idea of one bag being perfect for baby, work and a night away (which it may never get used for but it’s lovely to dream!).

  4. shell

    Great idea of the backpack and it doesnt look too big to get backache. Looks like a quality item.

  5. Joanna Heath

    I love the baby mule bag! Myself and my little one have so much to take when we venture out, all the pockets are fab to home all our bots, to my lipstick and mobile, to baby’s favorite toy bunny and bottle!

  6. Anne McCutcheon

    I love the idea that it is so spacious and with plenty of pockets too.


    i love it as its spacious and very cute love to take this out with me when my baby is born in september

  8. Lauren Morris

    I like the fact that the straps zip away x

  9. Alice Beaumont

    I love how spacious it appears and the design is also gorgeous!

  10. Katherine Coldicott

    I love the idea of a backpack. When your always carrying children, their toys or bending down to see that they’re ok, a backpack is a great idea.

  11. Helen

    Great idea, a baby back pack to wear with a front carrier.
    Prefect for handluggage on a flight

  12. katherinew

    It turns into a backpack so you can easily wear it when carrying baby in a sling.

  13. Leigh Larkin

    being able to change the straps to become a different type of bag depending on where / when you are using it. Great idea!

  14. Louise Dawes

    Please let me try this bag and I have lost the will to live with the bags that I have previously used.
    I need a bag that is big enough for two sets of spare clothes now due to our recent addition and this bag looks just the right size with lots of pockets.
    Why aren’t there more rucksacks on the market loads of people have back problems after birth and normal bags with one strap don’t do you any favours!

  15. Susan Bowe

    Loads of pockets

  16. Rory Campion

    The wetbag is useful

  17. Andrea K

    love all the pockets , very useful

  18. Deborah Bird

    It has to be the zip away back pack straps! What a good idea! x

  19. Jessica

    I like that it turns into a backpack – I’m always transferring the contents of my usual nappy bag into a rucksack for when I’ve not got the pushchair.

  20. Julia Rockett

    Love the design and the look of it. A backpack would be so much easier to carry around than a shoulder bag.

  21. Jo B

    I love the way it hooks over the buggy handles so it stays in the same place and doesn’t slip down.


    looks great lots of pockets, easy to carry.

  23. Helen Garner

    I just love the fact that is a changing bag in the form of a rucksack so it is easier to carry.

  24. louise

    i love that the changing bag has lots of different compartments for different things, keeps the bag nice and tidy and things easy to find.

  25. Sharon

    Lovely bag ..really useful ..i love all the pockets to organize everything

  26. Paul Witney

    I love the size and the fact it is a backpack so easier to carry, especially if you are carrying baby as well!

  27. Cheryll H

    I agree that it’s a very stylish bag – the thing I like most about it though is that it caters for those of us with more than one child! Most changing bags are quite small but this would be large enough for me to lug around everything I need for all three of my under 5’s… yay 🙂 @pipersky1

  28. Tolu

    Being able to convert it from backpack to shoulder bag.

  29. san

    love all the pockets

  30. Catherine Ball

    Love the size as we often have to go overnight to stay with family so ordinary changing bags just aren’t big enough

  31. Clare

    following both of Facebook too and said you sent me
    Clare Mont

  32. Clare

    I like the design – it’s not too feminine to be carried by the blokes!

  33. katherine grieve

    There are loads of pockets

  34. Jo Bromley

    I love how pretty it is, and the fact that it turns into a backpack really appeals to me. That makes life so much easier when you need your arms free to look after the baby.

  35. Yolanda barker

    LOVE that there are loads of pockets

  36. Megan Adams

    I love that there are loads of pockets! Fed up of my changing bag, there is never enough places to put everything.


    I love everything on it, all in one.

  38. kelly mitchell

    it can fit everything i could possibly need for a day out and about with the kidlets.fantastic!!!xx

  39. ellen

    its cute and roomy

  40. Katie Myers

    I love that its a backpack! Really clever x

  41. kim baker

    I love that its multi-functional

  42. Julie

    I love that it has loads of different pockets and is spacious

  43. S Mayat

    I love that it doubles up as a laptop bag.

  44. Richard

    Love that it turns into a backpack, so easy to use and carry around with you.

  45. Rhoda

    I love the versatility of this bag and all the great accessories it comes with!

  46. Michaela Turner

    i like the fact that you can convert the bag into both an over the shoulder bag and a rucksack, very practical!!

  47. james gossage

    Ideal for men and women


    So useful that it turns into a backpack

  49. Mike Cambridge

    At last, a changing bag that I can carry as a backpack (plus it’s not too girly – perfect for us Dads!)

  50. Solange

    I love that it turns into a backpack

  51. Rebecca John

    I love the fact it turns into a backpack, makes it much easier to carry.

  52. Gemma Harrison

    I love the fact it turns into a backpack

  53. Lisa Collins

    My favourite feature is the wet bag, perfect for changing on the go!

  54. Phil D

    Its everything you need for a day out – on your back. Genius

  55. Jenny

    Following both on facebook too! 🙂 x

  56. Jenny

    Great competition! I really like that it can be carried as a backpack as I’m intending to wear my baby in a front sling too (first baby due in 7 weeks!!) 🙂 x

    • @Jenny, Congratulations! You’ve won the Baby Mule nappy bag! (And massive congratulations on your first baby! Almost there!!)

  57. Sean

    i really like the design its ok for men to carry around too!

  58. Kerrie

    i like that it is so spacious

  59. Megan Bayford

    I love that it turns into a backpack!!!

  60. Naomi Zammit

    I can go out with one bag – hurragh!

  61. Dawn C

    It is so cute and functional

  62. wendy ellis

    Love the bag – exp the inclusion of a wet bag. x

  63. renae

    I love that it is stylish and has everything you need in a handy backpack making it easy to carry whilst also carrying baby.

  64. natalie goatley

    I have told babymule that you sent me natalie mse goatley x

  65. natalie goatley

    For me its definitely the size and the fact that it changes into a backpack 😉 x

  66. The size of it looks fantastic for families with more than one little one,It’s shocking what i need to pack for a day out with 4 littlies (no car to store things in neither!!)



  68. Zoe

    I like the fact thats is versatile and can be changed to a backpack

  69. Joanna Dawe

    I like that it can be converted into a back pack

  70. Fiona Brandford

    A nappy bag that’s a shoulder bag and a backpack?! Brilliant!! I always struggle with a sling and shoulder bag so a backpack is always a winner, but then when using a buggy it’s really a shoulder bag I need! Bonus that it’s big enough to carry EVERYTHING I could possibly require throughout the day!

  71. Avrora Davidovna

    I really like how it attaches so easily to a stroller, just click the straps over the stroller handle!

  72. sharon andrew

    Love that it has been designed by a mum who has thought of everything that you would need from a change bag until your little one can carry all their own stuff!!

  73. cute bag! i think my favorite feature is the neoprene bottle warmer/cooler. i’m always carrying around a little dinky water bottle with me or a big huge nalgene (depending on which bag i’m carrying), so having something to put it in that “belongs” would be great!

  74. Irene 'Peedie' Wares

    I love the fact that it seems to be an everything in one bag! Instead of leaving the house with the changing bag, hand bag and toddlers bag and lunch bag and laptop bag for some this beauty would be perfect! You’d only be leaving with one bag! The Baby Mule Changing Bag! Awesome :O)

  75. Kirsten Chambers

    I like it because it would mean a ‘proper’ bag for baby wearing… I still haven’t found something that suits well for a trip out with my 2 older kids and my baby on a sling!

  76. Dee Edmonds

    I love the fact that everything you need is on hand,and so easy to carry,Its a must x

  77. Sarah Anguish

    Liked and commented on Facebook (plus shared your link)


  78. Sarah Anguish

    I love the wipe clean dirty bag


  79. Sue Smyth

    So much space, a backpack and a practical beautiful bag!

  80. gabrielle svensson

    i love that it has structured storage areas within the bag

  81. Bartek

    I have followed both pages on FB
    I posted on FB

  82. Bartek

    my favourite – the bag is multifunctional ( the changing bag is rucksack and messenger in one)

  83. Sam

    I love that this bag doesn’t blatently look like a nappy bag. I have liked Babymule on Fb.

  84. @Simply_Hayley

    Wow so it can be a backpack or a shoulder bag? That is REALLY helpful! I’ve not seen tht on a changing bag before!
    @Simply_Hayley’s last blog post ..Pregnancy after miscarriage

  85. Tezzes

    Im loving this as need something big enough for toddler and newborn and to babywear, other rucksacks don’t seem to be able to tick all the boxes. Buggy straps make it ideal for when i need to leave it with grandparents and to attach it to pram.

  86. Leah Sullivan

    I like how spacious the bag is, having 3 children 3 and under, I take a lot with me on a day out!

  87. natalie webster

    i love the fact i can use it whilst babywearing! i have struggled to find a decent bag i can wear over my shoulder for short trips and on my back when little one is in the sling and this seems perfect! x

  88. Chris

    Another babywearer here – so rucksack-ness is great 🙂 As is the number of pockets!

  89. Loopinloo

    The dirty bag, brilliant idea

  90. Michele Elton

    I like the fact that there is everything you need with this bag – the extra bags, bottle warmer etc and the fact that it turns into a backpack is really handy too, would be great to take my 11 week old to the beach in her sling and use this bag as I could fit everything I needed in it for my older 2 as well – love the colour too 🙂

    Have tweeted (@glitterbaby40) and shared on Facebook, already following you and now following Baby Mule xx

  91. Michelle McCann

    I love the fact that it can fit a days worth of reusable nappies in 🙂

  92. Have liked Babymule on Facebook and left them a comment 🙂
    Kitty Rose’s last blog post ..Er.. oops

  93. I love that this converts to a backpack. I babywear and I feel the weight of the changing bag on one shoulder pretty quickly. Having backpack straps would make things sooo much better.
    Kitty Rose’s last blog post ..Er.. oops

  94. Carolina J.

    I am a baby wearer too, so I’ll join you in liking the fact that it turns into a backpack! (@pandcands)

  95. helen harris

    I love the size of it, great if you have twins like me!(and it helps that its gorgeous!!!!)
    follow your facebook page and you on twitter already and now liking Baby Mule too 😀

  96. Karlien Mitchell

    This is the most versatile bag i’ve seen!

  97. deborah davies

    i love that this bag has lots of different compartments nothing worse than looking for something in a bag with just one compartment. i also love the fact that it looks good. :o)

  98. Jean Guzman

    I love that this changing bag can either be used as a messenger bag or a backpack — versatility and functionality combined!

  99. becky

    Hi, this bag is simply fab………..later on it can be used as a rucksack/work/laptop bag 🙂

  100. Ashleigh

    i love that it has lots of pockets as i am always losing stuff when its just one big bag!

  101. kati

    Hi Luschka, this is really useful, I like it, thanks! and the price is ok too.

  102. beverley kirwin

    love the fact that it can be a backpack and has loads of pockets x

  103. Laura F

    Is it ok that my favourite feature is the colour?! I love the colour and the pattern on the change mat. Its much prettier than my current black nylon change bag. oo I like the bottle bag too.

  104. Fiona M

    As a fellow baby wearer, I like the fact that it turns into a backpack too! 🙂

  105. I love the little changing pouch. If at all possible, I like to leave the big changing bag out with whoever I am with and only take the essentials into the changing room, and the little bag looks perfect for that. And, the backpack straps on the main bag look really comfortable!

    I liked Babymule on FB 🙂
    Amy @ you shall go out with joy’s last blog post ..HP7:2 Woo Hoo!

  106. Laura cameron

    That its big enough for me to get my laptop and work bits in as well as all the bits for nursery and the kids

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