As you can tell by the scant number of updates over the last month, it’s been a very difficult few weeks for us. Sickness has taken it’s toll, and I’ve not had the desire, ability or interest in reading, researching or even learning anything new myself. It’s been hard, as I’ve seen Ameli reach and pass new milestones, such as a constant ‘no’ from her lips, without being armed with my normal background information on the situation.

My father invited us to go and stay with them in South Africa for six weeks while they’re on an extended holiday so that they can lend a hand with Ameli, and considering the state of play at home, we jumped at the opportunity. Of course, it’s not been fun leaving my husband at home, but a working man can’t take six weeks off at the drop of a hat, so here we are.

The flight was amazing. I had no sickness on the flight, no nausea, nothing. It was the first day in over a month that I felt normal and ate like a normal person. We had one of the ‘baby row’ seats, and there was even enough room for Ameli to sit at my feet and play.

The flight was delayed by an hour and 45 minutes due to a technical fault with the in-flight entertainment, so we were on board for almost 2 hours before the plane even took off.

There are many moments in parenting where you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, what you could be doing better and so on, but I must tell you – when I get off a plane (this is the third time in a year now) after an 11-hour flight and large numbers of people come up to you and congratulate and compliment you on your child, and on how lovely it was to be on the same flight as her, it’s an incredible feeling, and for that moment you have complete confidence that you’re doing something right.

I’ll be on and off line over the next few weeks, as I visit a few favourite places with my parents and as sickness causes my abilities to rise and fall.

Don’t forget us in the meantime, will you?


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What On Earth Is Going On??

  1. It is always like that yes, but it seems that being a parent makes it all much more important and dramatic… I wish you a great trip, you both look very happy together!

  2. I am new here. And i love to be here very much. Hope for you that changing plaice – will be chenging destiny – you will feel good and your sickness will be over

  3. We always know that it’s the right thing to do, but it’s always fun to get permission from the people that around us. Not so?! 🙂

  4. Have a lovely holiday! What a wonderful girl Kyra is! I’ll be definitely taking some parenting tips off you, if you don’t mind, because you ARE doing it right.

  5. enjoy your vaccation.

    It’s so good to receive compliments about the children, it’s a really moral boast especially when attachment parenting can be really demanding. But the results are well worth it. My kids are a testimony to it, and yours are/will be too.

  6. Luschka! I am so relieved that you survived the flight! More than survived it sounds like! Brava to you and Kyra! I always tell my friends just how portable children are and how great they can be with travelling. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this experience.

    I’m glad the sickness gave you a break to travel. I hope being home and having the help of your parents makes a huge difference for you in terms of health. I know that when my HG was starting to peak, having my mom with me made all the difference in the world.

    I wish you comfort, health, and joy where and when you can find it during this time.

    1. @Molly, That is such a lovely comment Molly. Thanks so much. I agree entirely about children being portable. I know this is terrible for other women, but I find such comfort in knowing I’m not alone in this horrible illness. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

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