I’m on a total quiz binge right now, killing time while I wait for our pending holiday to arrive.

I really, honestly need this holiday too. It’s been a rough couple of months, what with moving house and a whole host of issues around that, an epic 9-week cold and flu, complete with chest and sinus infections, a broken toe and a sprained pinkie finger. I’m fairly exhausted, and I really, really want a holiday close to nature, relaxing in fresh air and hopefully, sunshine.

Dog Quiz

I came across this quiz from Dream Lodge Holidays that was actually designed for pet owners, around the kind of holiday their dog might like to go on, with obviously the owner answering questions like “which is the ideal walk you’d take your owner on”, “what do you get told off for the most”, “what’s your favourite thing to do with your owner” and so on. Also, you must read the article here to know the foods your dog can eat. Then, visit this website next to know the most effective flea and tick prevention. Anything you need about your dog, whether it’s safety, health, or dog training, you can hop to this shop, poochband.com.

The six questions have answer options like “An adventure, somewhere new everytime”, “A good run along the beach”, “A leisurely stroll through the woods”, and “Through the village”, that you can choose from, and at the end of the quiz, it tells you what your pet-friend’s ideal holiday destination-type would be. If you want more tips on taking your pet on a trip, visit Holistapet.com.

The interesting thing is that this quiz works perfectly well on people too – I did the quiz and came up with exactly the kind of holiday I need right now: in the woods, peaceful, in the sunshine. Lovely.

The bonus is that all of the destinations (I randomly put in answers afterwards, to test it) seem to be UK based, so you don’t have to worry about things like passports, travel abroad or term time holidays! I found out you can explore the beauty of Scotland with your beloved pet at pet friendly lodges in Scotland, creating unforgettable travel memories together. If you’re thinking about what treats you would bring to your dog, you can try these dog products out.

Have a go at the quiz, if you have a dog, and if you don’t, answer it for yourself – you may just find your inner animal giving you the break you need in your perfect holiday destination!

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