Dear Squidgy

YAY!!! Congratulations little one! We’ve made it through the first trimester! I pray to God that you’re doing well in there, and that my weakness of will with regard to the sickness hasn’t done anything bad to you.  I am so pleased that we’ve made it this far.  (Even though the dates here are erring on the side of caution, I think I’m counting two weeks behind – who knows!)

We’ve been travelling and living without electricity and internet this week, apart from three hours a day when we’re Using an emergency power supply that provides both. It’s been so peaceful and calming, and somehow I feel even more exhausted but they tell me it’s because I’m relaxing. I’ve even managed to read three chapters of a real book. That’s impressive stuff, let me tell you.

I’m very grateful for the Ondansetron I’m taking, because I wake up so nauseous every morning, that I’m pretty certain I’d be in hospital and in danger  by now if I didn’t have the relief of that every day. If I know  what I feel like when I wake in the morning, and imagine spending the whole day like that. It’s a horrible thought.  Before I went on the Ondansetron, I lost 8% of my body weight in the sixth  to tenth week of pregnancy.  We’re now three weeks on. I hate to think where I could have been.

I’m starting to feel excited about you, because I know you’re here, I know we’ve made it this far, and I know really soon I’ll feel you moving, and I’ll know you’re really, really, really, really there.

Apparently, according the ‘the books’ (you’ll learn still, mama’s not so hot on what the books say, really) you’re around 4cm long, and have everything from tooth buds to toe nails and your fingers and toes are totally separated now.

Things are moving, darling baby, and soon I’ll have much more to tell you, because it’ll seem like there’s so much more happening once I can feel you.

Love you Squidge.




Pregnancy Week 11/13

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