Dear Squidgy,

I honestly can’t believe how incredibly quickly time is going, and I can’t believe that I’m sixteen weeks pregnant already! We’re almost half way now – in a few more week, anyway, and I’m just flabbergasted at how ridiculously fast it’s all going. Soon you’re going to be here, and once again, life is going to change completely.

So much has happened for me in the last few weeks. I’ve made plans for my future, and with it yours. I’ve decided what I’m going to do for income, and for contributing to our family’s future. Trust me to start planning a new business to launch just as I go into the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I’ve never made things easy for myself. But I’m excited about it. And you’ll be plenty involved at first – but I’ll tell you more about it another time.

Sickness wise I’ve had a worse week than any of the previous five. I half feel as if the tablets are wearing off earlier every day, and I’m just having to make it through the evenings till I can go to bed. It’s not a fun feeling, I assure you. I only have enough tablets till Wednesday morning though, so I then either go back to the doctor for more, and return to being sick. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.

I’ve started getting ‘questions’ about the fact that I’m not really sure about your due date, and I’ve started getting odd looks and confused shrugs when I’ve said that we’re not having any scans other than the 20 week one. People don’t seem to understand choosing as little medical intervention as possible. I love freedom of choice though. If there’s one thing I hope to instil deeply in both you and your sister, it’s that you are free to be whoever, and whatever, you want to be. Without confinement of sex, race, or other people’s opinions.

Free to follow your instinct, your heart, and to always look at all sides of everything. That’s my hope, anyway.

Apparently you’re about 12 cm at the moment, from head to bum – not sure why they don’t count your legs! And you weigh about 100g. Which is worrying, because I’m sure I’ve gained more than that in weight! Annoyingly, they say for this stage in pregnancy I should have gained between 2.25 and 4.5kg, but I have no idea what I have gained, because between weeks 6 and 10 when I was REALLY sick, I lost 9kg that I know of – I say that I know of, because we only bought a scale at week 7, because I’m aware that with Hyperemesis Gravidarum it’s considered ‘critical’ if you lose more than 11% of your body weight. I lost around 8% in those three weeks! So now I’ve gained all that again, so do I count that as weight loss or gain or from my pre-pregnancy weight?

Who knows.

Apparently now you can also hear voices outside my body, so I can’t wait to get back home to daddy so you can start getting to know his voice too. I know he can’t wait to have us home either.

Well, Squidge, it’s late, I’m tired and I need to rest.

I love you gorgeous baby. I love you.




Dear Squidgy – Pregnancy Week 16

  1. I don’t think that lost weight gained back counts as pregnancy weight gain. I lost a little bit of weight after switching to a diabetic diet.

    I think the head-to-rump thing has to do with the baby not really straightening out at all that early on… or something like that.

    Looking forward to new of your life plans!

    I hope you start feeling better very soon!

  2. We also only did the 20 week ultrasound with both babies, and we didn’t find out the sex, which seems to really confuse and sometimes upset people. The ultrasound place offered a free DVD of our ultrasound, which I turned down because I knew we wouldn’t watch it and the Dr was SHOCKED because I am apparently the only person who has ever said no to it.
    I am the same weight now at 6 months, that I was when I got pregnant, simply because I find it hard to eat when I’m pregnant. I think those weight suggestions are so unhelpful since evreyone’s body deals with the stress of being pregnant. I think there’s a much wider range of okay weight gains (or losses) then the checklists give you.

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