I know, I know. You’ve been sitting there wondering what’s happened to me. Right? I mean, you noticed I was missing, didn’t you?

Well, these last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy.  Coming back from South Africa with renewed energy and new thoughts for the future, I’ve been keeping those thoughts pretty close to my chest for a number of reasons, but am now ready to reveal some of them.
Of course, before anything else could happen, Ameli was turning two – we had to celebrate. Something that couldn’t really happen with half a house still full of boxes. So I spent a week finishing off the house and party planning. We then had the Winnie the Pooh themed party, which was great fun.

My birthday was the day after the party and we were all so worn out we barely left the sofa all day – a great lazy family day. We made up for it the following day though, by spending the afternoon at Legoland.

We absolutely loved Legoland last time, but this time it was even better. Ameli is a year and a half older now, and able to sit on her own, so there were so many more rides we could go on. Our absolute favourite was the fairytale ride. We went on it twice – just brilliant.  We decided to buy the Legoland annual pass because  honestly it’s incredibly expensive at £41 per adult and staying all day is just too much for Ameli, so at least now we can go for three or so hours at a time without cringing at the spend (Legoland is also really close to us, which helps!)

The next thing to happen last week was a three day course for me – I’ve decided to train as an instructor in baby massage, baby yoga, prenatal and post natal yoga to start with. There are other thoughts in my mind, but I’ll start with those over the coming year.  So last week I completed training in Infant Massage, and spent the remainder of my time setting up my new website: Little Bliss. My first course starts at the end of this week, so we’ll see how it goes.  I have a long term plan in mind – so it’s the baby steps phase of things right now, which I find frustrating, but never the less – here we are.

So, that’s where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to and more importantly, why it’s been so quiet around here the last while! Hopefully things will pick up again, and, by the way – if you want to follow my new Facebook page, you can find it here: Little Bliss.
(Oh, and in the meantime, Ameli and my laptop had an altercation and my laptop came off worse and will now not switch on, so not only don’t I have any pictures SINCE the party to share with you, but I can’t download the ones from my camera onto this computer, and all my files and pictures from the last six months are lost – hopefully not forever. *sob*)




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Helloooooo… anyone there?

  1. Good luck with your new business. I’ve recently signed up as a real nappy advisor and I’m in the baby steps stages too, it can be frustrating but we have to keep persevering and hope that it will all be worth it in the end. Teaching baby massage sounds like a lovely job, I hope your first class goes well!

  2. Hope you were”nt to harsh on my granddaughter about the laptop. As I recall rather vividly an incident in Namibia where it was proven that laptops cant fly. However we noticed that it bounced quite nicely. At least mom has a copy of the Five African countries tour we did (or at least the bunch you gave us).
    Love DAD.

  3. Very excited for your new adventure. What is better than giving massage to little babies? Should be very fulfulling. Good luck and happy belated birthday to Kyra.x

  4. I am happy to know you’ll be joining the ranks of the gentle infant caregivers. I also teach those things and find it incredibly rewarding. Good luck on the new adventure.

  5. Sympathy on the laptop thing, we have also recently *almost* lost a bunch of pictures and I was pretty heartbroken! Thankfully a friend with the right cables connected our computer to his and got everything back for us!

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