Without sponsors, I couldn’t justify the time I spend on these pages.  While it’s a hobby, it’s also how I pay for the things I do with my children – a blessing of modern life, right?  I’d like to tell you a little more about the companies that sponsor us!

Baby Natural

Baby Natural is your go to place for organic and natural baby products. They are also the UK’s sole distributor of gNappies. In fact many of the items you’ve seen reviewed here, you’ll also find at Baby Natural.

Little Bliss

Oh, this is nepotism at its best – I’m advertising me! Little Bliss is my business. Baby Massage and Rhythm Kids. I love watching the bond between parents and babies grow as they become more confident with their kiddies. It’s wonderful.


Yuri has been a wonderful photographer for us and did these pregnancy and newborn shots for us. He works wherever the work is (within limits!) so check out his site.

Placenta Encapsulation

I have a few posts coming up on placentas and their function and benefits. I was really lucky to have Krishna from the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network turn Aviya’s placenta into capsules for us. If you’re in the Guildford area, she’s your woman!

Please visit and support our sponsors! We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t think they were great!

(If you’d like to sponsor us, get in touch or purchase your button ad directly!)

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