We’ve had a crazy busy week here – I seem to say that a lot, and that’s probably a fair indication of why we’re in August already and my head’s still back in March somewhere!

Day 201 – Visiting

We have a fantastic ‘tribe’ of friends here. Sometimes I support them, sometimes they support me. Sometimes support is just in the form of a chat over a glass of water while our babies play together.

Day 202 – Nozstock Festival

We had our first festival with the girls, and had a simply amazing time. I love this picture. My adventurous two year old, giggling at Daddy being the shortest person around (aside from me) because that’ s not usual. We loved Nozstock – you can see some of our other photos here.

Day 203 – Nozstock Day Two

I love these pictures of Martin with his girls. We are often out and about without him, so it’s awesome to share some time together as a family.

Day 204 – Big Baby Girl

My baby is growing up! How’s it happening so fast? We spent a rainy afternoon at indoor play.

Day 205 – Lego Friends

Have you seen the new Lego Friends range? I was so not keen on them when I first heard about them, but I’ve totally changed my mind. We have one of the sets, and while it doesn’t ‘fit’ with Duplo, that didn’t stop us from building a Duplo House, perfectly sized for the bed with shelf, cupboard with pull-out drawers, a drum kit, basket and the daintiest flowers. It’s superb. There’s a figurine that comes with it – Mia – who has become Ameli’s best friend. It’s brilliant! I was worried it would be dumbed down Lego, but I really don’t think it is. It just adds another dimension of play, and while it’s meant for older children, I’m loving the fine motor skills and dexterity learning that’s coming with it for us.

Day 206 – London 2012

We’ve been to the London Olympics, and actually got to watch not one, but two games of Hockey! It was fantastic. I wrote all about our visit to the Olympic Park last week, and added a whole bunch of other pictures, so won’t repeat it all here, but we had a simply superb time! I must admit, I don’t really miss living in London, but I do miss some of what it offers, and how with the right set of circumstances you have so many options available for ‘free’ (like if you have a travel card, you can spend a day in one of a host of museums for nothing.) Visiting London is still amazing and I often feel the thrill of excitement that led me to wanting to move to England in the first place. The Olympics, all the effort that’s been put in to it, and all of that, it’s pretty amazing – and one of the greatest things is the number of London discount vouchers available, I guess because there’s so much going on – which means you can treat a trip to London like a holiday. If you’re heading to the Olympics this week, don’t forget there’s more to the city than just the -admittedly spectacular – Olympic Park!

Day 207 – The Day After The Night Before

After the awesomeness of last night, I didn’t get home till 3am, and a 5km walk later. To say today was a bit of a write-off would be an understatement. At the same time Aviya is teething, and drooling all over the place. Normally cuddles are the order of the day, but after 2 hours of sleep? One tired mama 😉

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures!

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