A bit of a mix and match this week. I’m so busy all the time, and exhausted whenever I sit down from more than a minute at a time, but what have I been busy with? Heaven only knows!

306/366 – How Do Single Parents Get To Shower?

Are you a single parent? And you practice AP too? I’d like to take this moment to get you to pat yourself on the back. It’s bloody hard work being a single attachment parent. I’m doing okay now, but this first week? With jet lag? And children who refused to sleep at night but slept in the day? Mama Fail. But we’re back on track! I am so grateful to this chart for reminding me of who my child is, and for how best to support her. Oh and to Winnie the Pooh for letting me have a shower in peace!

307/366 – Lunch Time

Breastfeeding in Public

Stopping for a snack after a radiology visit, Aviya got hungry too. She had her milk and my mother took a photo, saying ‘It makes a midwife happy to see’. It gives me a deep and sincere sense of gratitude that my mother is so supportive. It’s made my life and my choices so much easier.

We’ve not really had much time for much by way of touristy stuff while we’ve been here in Perth. We’re not here to travel, sure, but I do still like to get out and about and have a look over the place I’m staying. Here’s Ameli, Aviya and myself on the treetop walk in King’s Park. It was lovely to be tourists, even just for an afternoon!

308/366 – Daddy Skype

I’m so grateful for technology. Without it, Ameli wouldn’t see her daddy daily, we wouldn’t get to chat a number of times a day and family communications wouldn’t be what they are. I’m so grateful in this time of separation that we at least have that.

310/366 – First Foods

I can barely believe that my baby is weaning already. I know she’s eight months old now, so it’s probably about time, but I still can’t believe how the time has gone by. What a beauty she is.

311/366 – Out And About

An early morning stroll, out and about. Ameli and Aviya woke early so I took them to the park. Aviya slept the whole way there – no fair! I was so tired, but hey ho. Mamas run on cuddles and coffee, right? Well, this mama does.

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