114/365 – Happy Birthday Daddy

The girls scribbled a birthday card for their daddy, and I wrote their message out word for word, including the home that he would ‘sleep good’ for his birthday, and do whatever he wanted the next day. Lovely. At least we had a gorgeous Vegan chocolate cake, which is so good, even us non-vegans love love love it!


115/365 – Holding On To You

Ameli sometimes makes me catch my breath. She is so grown up, I don’t know when it happened. We were at a toddler group and she was having such fun and at one point reached up and grabbed my hand. I held on to it tightly, treasuring the moments where she’ll still let me hold her hand.

116/365 – Walkies

We still love our Smart Trike – this is a new one – and think it’s fantastic. I decided to start walking Ameli to nursery twice a week, and of course, after the second time became sick for now almost a week so haven’t done it again since. It’s always the story with me – embark on any kind of light exercise, and I get sick. Drives me nuts. And it’s such a lovely walk too. We’ll try again soon.

117/365 – Imagination

We were sent a box of gardening stuff, and once the girls emptied it out, they had so much fun playing with this wooden pallet. I was worried about splinters, but they sure weren’t.

118/365 – Thermomix and Buttermilk 

I made three kilograms of butter when I found loads of cream on sale. As a result I had about two pints of buttermilk to use up and one of the things I just love about the Thermomix is that there’s very little wastage. Almost everything can be made into something. Using my butermilk, I made scones, buttermilk raspberry cake, soda bread, and buttermilk icecream. Yum, yum, yum. I’ve started a new food blog too, by the way. Do follow me there! I’d love to see you at the Keeper of the Kitchen!

119/365 – Yes! I Really Am This Cute

I love this little baby grow. It’s totally not my ‘style’ but it’s so cute and she just looks super cute in it. 

120/365 – Mama Win Day

Oh, I love it whenever I can call a day a Mama Win Day. It’s a day when harmony has filled the house, things are more or less contained and the girls have had good input and little to no TV. Those are my favourite days.

This one saw Ameli sticking seeds and grains into a flower shape, which she loved. 

Aviya got to bang pots and pans – only after Ameli had taught her that, mind you. Up to that point she’d just had fun trying the different lids onto the pots, and transferring a pom pom from one pot to the next. So very Montessori of us. 

And we finally put our gardening stuff to use, recently, and have been seeing some lovely progress, which is super exciting. 

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

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